Narcissist Aaron Rodgers Being Interviewed by Kenny Mayne Gave Me Brain Damage.

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder: An excessive need for admiration, disregard for others’ feelings, an inability to handle any criticism, and a sense of entitlement.

Credit: The Mayo Clinic

The Ramblings of an Arrogant Prick.

In Kenny Mayne’s recent interview with narcissist Aaron Rodgers, Mayne asks Rodgers a question regarding peoples’ perceptions of athletes when they speak up or stand up for themselves. Rodgers gives a long nonsensical answer, but the first statement is what caught my attention. It tells you all you need to know about the quarterback.

“People forget what REALLY makes an organization.”

Narcissist Aaron Rodgers

Cut the Bullshit and Grow the Fuck Up Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers then mentions things like “history” and “legacy” as being important. “The people make an organization, a business…and sometimes that gets forgotten.” This statement, again, is really just about him. HE’s the legacy. HE’s the history. HE is the “people.”

Rodgers basically does a Rodney Dangerfield. He doesn’t feel he gets any respect. He may as well be Fredo in the boathouse talking to Don Corleone.

aaron rodgers wants respect
I wouldn’t go fishing if I were either of Aaron Rodgers’ two brothers. Particularly if it was soon after their mother passed away.

The Lady Doth Protest too Much, Methinks. Get it? Aaron Rodgers is the Lady.

The Drama Queen’s next answer to Mayne’s question about demanding a trade is the most telling. The question from Mayne was a simple one:

“Are you demanding a trade?”

No mention of anything or anybody else. Rodgers, however, starts talking about Packers current backup quarterback Jordan Love…out of nowhere. He even starts by calling Jordan Love “the draft pick.”

“With my situation….look, it’s never been about the draft pick. I Love Jordan.”

i think aaron rodgers is a buffoon

Bullshit Aaron. Kenny never mentioned Jordan Love. But it’s clear that since Love was drafted, Rodgers has had a stick up his ass about it. I’m just gonna take a wild guess and say Rodgers is lying his ass off. It may not have “ALWAYS” been about “the draft pick,” but that was the straw that broke the narcissist’s back.

I honestly don’t remember Favre doing this type of shit when he wanted out of Green Bay. In fact I think he was quite public about his feelings on his future after Green Bay drafted Rodgers. At the very least Favre didn’t go on national television and spew bullshit with a shit-eating grin on his face. He just went about his business, then retired, then unretired, and then retired again, and then unretired again, LIKE A NORMAL PERSON.

I don’t remember Drew Brees bitching about Taysom Hill when the Saints would put Hill in during games. But then again Brees was a real leader when he played. Imagine what Aaron Rodgers would have said if the coaching staff put Love in during games.

Every football fan who has watched the Packers has seen Rodgers pout like a baby on the bench after something doesn’t go his way…which is NEVER his fault. I challenge anyone to find Aaron taking FULL responsibility for something besides positive events.

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But What Really Matters, is This…..

Lastly, can someone please start a petition to keep Aaron Rodgers from ever hosting Jeopardy again? I’ve always enjoyed watching Jeopardy with my buddy Don, high as fuck. I just can’t imagine that douchebag taking the late-great Alex Trebek’s place. Hopefully Rodgers doesn’t get traded and actually follows through on his threat to retire.

When that happens, the next round of shots is on me.

Till next time, Rock ‘n Roll, and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease buy a shirt.