NBA Conference Finals Predictions. Who Advances To The NBA Finals?

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Tonight, the Los Angeles Lakers travel to Denver to kick off the NBA Conference Finals in what I hope will turn into a hell of a series.

Could you imagine how crazy it would be though if the Wolves were playing tonight? I sure can’t but that would be unreal! In order for that to happen we’d have to win a playoff series but like any other Minnesota team we can’t do that. It seems like an eternity ago that we were playing but hey, one of these years.. right?


Bubble Final 4

Isn’t it funny how ALL FOUR teams from the NBA Bubble are facing off in the NBA Conference Finals? There were so many people claiming that the bubble was a fluke because of “no fans” but a few years later here we are!

Eastern Conference Finals: 1) Celtics (-525) VS 8) Heat (+375)

For the third time in four years we have the Celtics and the Heat facing off in the East. The Heat defeated the Celtics in 6 games during the NBA bubble where the Celtics would get their revenge last year in a crazy ending to defeat the #1 seed Heat. If you missed it, you’re a fool.

The Near Heat Game 7 Comeback

Jimmy VS Tatum

The Celtics avoided disaster winning two must-win games against the 76ers. Tatum struggled until the 4th quarter of game 6 where he outscored the 76er’s by himself 16-13. He carried that momentum into game 7 delivering a 51-point performance, a new game 7 record.

The Heat have had quite the run, though. Shocking the Bucks in 5 and taking the New York Knicks to game 6 only to take home the win? Insanity, but I knew round 2 belonged to them. It’s been a crazy run but Jimmy has officially brought the Heat to the ECF for the third time… Now if only the Wolves had someone like him…

Series Predictions

This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve written off a big underdog and have it backfire on me… But the Celtics ain’t losing to the Heat. Yes, I’m scared of Jimmy. He’s an absolute dawg. I just don’t see this series going past 6 games. More than likely Celtics in 5. Their depth will be too much…. but never count out Jimmy.

He’s one scary man.

Jimmy After Game 7 Last Year.


Western Conference Final Preview: 1)Nuggets (-160) VS 7)Lakers (+135)

What a series this has the potential to be.

After the trade deadline, the Lakers made it clear that they would be a threat to any team in a playoff series. In the first round they sent the Grizzlies packing in 6, also doing the same to the Warriors in the second.

The Nuggets on the other hand proved from day 1 they would be a threat. The Nuggets held the #1 seed for the majority of the season. They made quick work of the Timberwolves in round one whereas in round two they would face off against the Phoenix Suns handling them in 6, including a 25-point blowout in the final game.

For the 5th time they find themselves 4 wins away from their first NBA championship appearance. Could this be the year?

Series Predictions

The Celtics being a “lock” to win that series has thrown a serious curveball into who I have winning this series. I want the Nuggets to win and think they should win but everything in the universe points to the Lakers.

The script is perfect for the LeBron documentary in 20 years.

  • Celtics Championships = 16
  • Lakers Championships = 16

This season has been such a crazy ride for the Lakers. So much has gone on that I can’t even begin to summarize in this blog. The scriptwriters were in the lab that’s for sure. Oddly enough an article was posted a couple of days ago talking about how the filmmakers from MJ’s “Last Dance” have been following the Lakers around this entire season. Interesting, right?

Do you really think the NBA is going to let them lose to the Nuggets? Ruining their perfect Celtics/Lakers NBA Championship? So much history between the two franchises you know damn well the NBA is praying for this matchup.

This series will be great and I think the Lakers will win it in dramatic fashion. They will be down 3-2 but will win games 6 & 7 giving them a cross-country date against the Celtics.


Hope I’m Wrong.

I’m wrong quite a bit, mostly when it comes to gambling. But if the Lakers were to lose it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Just please don’t make me watch a Lakers/Heat Championship…

This Tik Tok from March also popped up on my page today right when I went on so maybe the Nuggets are the right choice. Find out in two weeks if my NBA conference finals predictions were spot on or completely off!