NDSU is Wannbe-Division I, JV TRASH!

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Our very own Bakko decided to write a blog where he had the AUDACITY to say the Gophers are trash, all they do is lose, NDSU has a better program than Minnesota, etc! Not true WHATSOEVER!

Firstly, even if the Gophers were losing constantly, they still play in the BIG TEN in the highest division in all of college football! Give me a damn break! It’s one of, if not the best conferences in college football. Let’s take a look at the “Missouri Valley Conference” teams shall we:

Pure Garbage! Northern Iowa? Illinois State? South Dakota? Indiana State? Wow, ya sure got some doozies on that schedule. Watch out for Missouri State LOL! These are literally dog shit opponents compared to even a Northwestern or Indiana Hoosiers football squad. And not to mention, the National Title opponents of the last decade for NDSU? Pure trash:

Holy hell! That’s some top notch football right there! That Towson team really compares to Ohio State or Wisconsin. Get out of here with that BULLLLL SHEEEEEIIITT! Not to discredit Towson or Sam Houston State or any of these teams, but when you start throwing these teams in a conversation as to why NDSU could compete in the Big Ten, and is a reason why they are a better program than the Gophers, it’s just laughable!

The Gophers are listed as one of the eight best dynasties in all of College Football with their seven National Championships, listed among Alabama, Notre Dame and Oklahoma. Pretty impressive, to say the least! And sure, they won titles years ago, but they rightfully deserved them by playing teams like Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, UCLA, Notre Dame, USC. I could keep going on and on. Saying a historically rich program like the Gophers falls short to a team that has only been DI-FCS for less than 20 years should land you in a psych ward.

Sure, NDSU beat the Gophers twice, but that was 10 YEARS AGO!!! GET OVER IT! We are talking about RIGHT NOW! (editor’s note: except for when we’re not, and we’re focused on the history of the Gophers program)! And besides, the two times the Gophers played the Bison were in extremely down years with first year head coaches, once in 2007 when Mr. “Keep the Chili Hot” himself, Tim Brewster took over the helm (we went 1-11 that year), and then 2011 in Jerry Kill’s first year in which the entire program was in complete shambles thanks to Mr. Brewster!

We lost to New Mexico State that season, mind you. So wow, you beat two trash Gophers teams over a decade ago. That totally legitimizes your program as a team that could compete in DI-FBS, and somehow makes your program better than a school that competes in the BIG TEN and beat Auburn in the Outback Bowl two years ago (editor’s note: we don’t need to talk about that game). GIVE ME A BREAK!

Row the Boat, Ski-U-Mah, Go Gophers!

JJ Out!