New Face of LIV Golf

New Face of the LIV Golf Tour?


New Face of LIV Golf
Who could be this new face of The LIV Tour?

The LIV Golf Tour hasn’t exactly gained the traction viewer-wise that it had hoped for originally.

Even after paying big money to top PGA Tour stars like Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, and Brooks Koepka to get them to join LIV Golf, viewership hasn’t been great. This is due to LIV not having a TV deal in place, which isn’t the end of the world. But LIV has stated that they’ll need one if they are to survive.

Dolling out $600 million in contracts to various players, including 8 of the top 50 players in the world, doesn’t mean you’ll get views either. No offense to any of the gentleman listed above, but none of them really capture your attention. Especially now that it’s become a chore to watch these once entertaining players. There no incentive to actually play competitive golf. I’m not going to log onto Youtube and watch Ian Poulter and Pat Perez shoot a 79. What horseshit is that?

They need to make a move to get a true face of LIV golf, and word has it that they are in talks with someone right now.

Charles Barkley to the LIV Tour…?

Barkley in talks with LIV Tour
Charles Barkley would be an excellent get by the LIV Tour

This past Thursday, Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley confirmed that he will be meeting with LIV Golf regarding a role within the tour. Nobody quite knows what the position will be for, but it will likely be for a spot in the broadcast booth.

Barkley would be a HUGE addition to the LIV tour. He’s known for being a person that everyone will stop and listen to because of how damn funny he is. He alone would draw in more fans than anyone else currently playing for LIV. Barkley can also say literally anything he wants to. He doesn’t give a damn either. That will make for an even more entertaining experience while watching LIV.

Barkley has always been supportive of the players that made the jump from PGA to LIV. He even hinted at wanting to join LIV as recently as last month when he said he’d kill a relative for $200 million from them to be on the tour.

So who knows… maybe these talks could be for Barkley to be on the tour? They are reportedly going to explore “every possible option”.

Imagine seeing him out there with world class golfers. That would be the literal definition of entertainment. Especially because you know he’ll try his absolute hardest to compete! I think we all would rather see Barkley on a team instead of the broadcast booth, but regardless, this would be the best addition to LIV yet.

Barkley’s Best Golf Highlights

If you didn’t know, Chuck is known for having one of the WORST Golf swings in recorded human history, even after reportedly “fixing it”.

Barkley’s Old Swing
Compilation of Barkley’s Old Swing
Barkley’s Amazing New Swing!

This makes me want Barkley to be involved on the LIV Tour as a player more than ever. The type of shit we’ll hear coming out of his mouth will be legendary. LIV needs a Barkley type player to draw more fans in! He’d be a content gold mine and a camera would be on him 24/7.

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