NFL Is Getting In The Streaming Wars, We’re All Screwed

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Nowadays, watching TV is a whole process. You’ve got your smart TV’s, projectors, and streaming sticks. Not to mention the ENDLESS options when it comes to streaming services. If you told someone in the 80’s about today’s age of watching TV, they would probably think you’re insane. And to be honest, we are insane for subscribing to 10 different apps just to watch sports or our favorite show. Unless you have cable, and if you tell me have cable YOU ARE LYING. Now to make matters worse, the NFL is joining in on the streaming wars with their own service NFL+ coming later this summer.

Once Upon A Time…

There was a time when watching football games not broadcasted in your area was easy. Just pull up r/NFLstreams (RIP) and hope you pick the right one, and not a site that gives your laptop a virus. Or if you’re a real psycho, you paid up for NFL Sunday Ticket and let the madness come to you.

Back in the day, my pops splurged for the Sunday Ticket bit, and it was the greatest time watching all those games without having to catch up later. Then things became a little simplified. Verizon and Yahoo! offered all national games to be watched on your phone, easy enough. Everyone has a phone, so why not offer it?

Now, the NFL has cut them out of the deal and is looking to make their own cash on streaming. Can’t say I blame them, but now this whole thing has turned into a damn monopoly!

In the end, this is all about the NFL being greedy. The amount of football fans that don’t have regular access to watching games is very slim I would think. So why now? Unless they offer unique bonus content and a huge discount for NFL RedZone, it’s not going to be worth it.