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The Minnesota Twins being a dumpster fire has really made me tune out of baseball. Watching a sport that your favorite team is ass at can be a difficult pill to swallow. Hell, watching baseball in general can be hell most of the time. Unless if you’re getting drunk and having fun. However, the sports movie lover in me was intrigued by the Field of Dreams concept game that happened between the Yanks and White Sox. The two teams Twins fans are supposed to hate the most, and yet that was the most electric and unique game of any sort that I’ve watched.

not gonna find the ball in those stalks. 🌽

Every sport seems to have found a fresh and unique way to present the game in a different environment. NHL and the Winter Classic (which is here next year OMG) and the games at Lake Placid are aesthetically stunning. The NBA can’t do a ton, considering you need a dry surface for all those squeaky shoes. But I was impressed they got 80k at Jerry World for the ASG, and the talk of a new arena in Las Vegas with an open roof would be something truly futuristic.

this will definitely be on my Arenas-to-visit list.

So now we look at the NFL, the king of the major four sports. And the most they’ve done is games across the pond and Mexico. That’s cool and all, but I think we’re all looking for a little more than that. Something cooler that will make the non-NFL fans give it a look if those people even exist. Here are a few ideas I have for Roger The Great to spice up the game aesthetically.

Neutral Site Doubleheader Collaboration with NCAA

Every season college football has the Chick-Fil-A kickoff game to celebrate the beginning of the season, which is usually not entertaining. The matchup is most likely one that doesn’t happen often, i.e Alabama-Michigan, Oregon-Georgia. Why not add big brother to the mix and make it a grand event? You could have a USC-Texas, followed by a Rams-Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium. That would be a massive draw for ratings. Now going further into it, the way college and pro football go about making their schedules could make that not doable, but a man can speculate.

Let’s Go Back To College

Imagine being a pro in the NFL and dominating the college scene, only to come back to your old stomping grounds as a pro and do it again. Wisconsin and Notre Dame are doing the reverse idea of this with a game at Soldier Field in September and at Lambeau in 2026. The idea of an NFL game at TCF Banks stadium and yes I am calling it that still, would be quite dope. Another one to really appeal to the masses and not just our Minnesota-made brains is The Big House. Maybe not as much, considering geographically it would include the Lions. Still fun in theory.

Anyone who watches sports knows the NFL is the top dog. But aesthetically, they don’t have to do too much and it’s boring. I’m not asking for you to turn the sport into an IRL version of NFL Street, Roger. Let’s fuck around and have a game at Wrigley Field and make the bit fun!