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Chris Johnston shared that Amazon will be coming out with/working on a series that will be
released next fall featuring 10-12 NHL stars. The show sounds like it will give behind-the-scenes of some of the NHL’s biggest stars. I couldn’t be more pumped for the release of the series and this NHL/Amazon streaming deal.

If it’s anything like the 24/7: Road to the NHL Winter Classic series that HBO had, this show is
going to rock. I remember tuning in to this show and LOVED the personalities of the NHL
players. This show was perfect to draw in the average NHL viewer. Of all the major sports leagues, the NHL has always struggled to market it’s stars.

The NFL and NBA have set their superstars up for success with shows, advertising, etc. that gives us that peak behind the curtain. This also will allow the NHL to compete with some of the bigger behind the scenes shows such as Netflix’s Full Swing, Quarterback, and Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

Johnston’s “X” (Tweet? What the heck do we even call these?) got me to thinking of who would
make up the stars that we would love to see. The NHL will probably definitely screw this up, so I’m helping the league with my list below. Since I am a normal person and like numbers that end in zero or are a multiple of five, I’ve included 10 NHL stars I would love to see on the yet-to-be-named NHL/Amazon streaming show…

Connor McDavid

I mean he is the superstar of the league. A show without him featured would be a huge miss on
the NHL’s side and on Amazon. I don’t know much about his personality, so this would give us
the peak behind the curtain. How cool would it be with cameras following McJesus.

I also feel like the craze around Canada and their hockey superstars would be interesting to see for the American viewer. Canada is a different beast when it comes to their media around hockey coverage and the scrutiny of their superstars/teams would be awesome to get insight into. Plus, we would be able to see Leon along with McDavid, I think it would be awesome to see that 1-2 punch both on/off the ice.

Connor McDavid, a potential candidate for the NHL/Amazon streaming show

Marc-André Fleury

This is my Minnesota bias showing. I’m not sure what’s next with Flower. It’s rumored he could
be retiring with his contract expiring. I think that whatever he decides (give it one more go,
please) would be super interesting to follow. Flower is also known as a prankster. He could
easily be the comedian of this group and just get insight into the level of pranks he plays on his teammates. Additionally, Minnesota is the State of Hockey, so not having the team or a player featured to some degree would be a miss by the NHL.

Brent Burns

I don’t give a shit about the Carolina Hurricanes. They are a BORING ass team and a bunch of jerks. What I do give a shit about is seeing this dude’s ranch and life away from the rink. The dude operates a ranch full of exotic animals. Give me National Geographic tied in with a little bit of NHL, how cool would it be seeing some alligators, gorillas, and snakes oh my!

William Nylander

Selfishly, this guy was on my fantasy team this past year. Willy Styles has all the style the NHL
needs. Rocking corn rows and tank tops, nothing says GQ more than this guy. Talk about sex
appeal, am I right, ladies? The dude is a stud and think of the superstars that would be shown
with him, AM34, JT, Marner, etc.

Toronto is still a bit of a shit show. The team is great, but they can never put it together. The media circus around this team would be nuts and would be up there with The Bachelor or Vanderpump Rules in terms of gossip. This would hit the female demographic and would draw huge viewership.

Artemi Panarin

Have to have New York on this show and let’s add some Russian flair. The Breadman would be
an absolute character. I can’t imagine this guys personality changing at all. Those Russians
bring all the personality. I mean the guy was drinking Panger’s juice during a game!

I can’t imagine all the shenanigans he and the rest of the gang from New York (see what I did
there) get up to. Maybe they venture out to The Box club and we can witness firsthand that
experience… This is the kind of stuff we need on this NHL/Amazon streaming show!!!!!

David Pastrnak

Love Pasta. Just like Willy Styles, we have another fashionable guy featured on the new series.
We know Pasta is a beast on the ice. He’s also got personality and going to drive viewership to
the series. The Bruins also feature a solid team and some additional characters (Marchand) that
would make the show much more entertaining.

Drew Doughty

Nothing better than the chirp maestro himself. Being out in LA, we gotta give some Hollywood
time. Similar to The Breadman and this being a “show” we need to have some of the bigger
markets or big city vibes into the show. The amount of celebrity the Kings bring is more or less a show within itself. Doughty can be our de facto A-Lister. Imagine this guy at all the liveliness of LA. Honestly, I would watch a show just featuring him, without hockey involved.

Drew Doughty, a potential candidate for the NHL/Amazon streaming show

Nikita Kucherov

Another Russian on this list, but bringing us to the Sunshine State (the NHL has to hit all the
demographics). After this year’s showing at the NHL All-Star Game, I need/want to see more
lackluster effort.

I can’t imagine this guy’s practice routine of just going through the motions, then turning it on and almost leading the league in points come game time.

Anyways, it would be fun to follow along with this core of players (Stammer, Vasilevskiy, Hedman, Point, etc.) and their coach, Jon Cooper. I would love to see the interaction between Kucherov and Cooper. The effort may not be there in practice or at least the All-Star festivities, but this guy is a gamer.

Matthew Tkachuk

Have you heard the song, Gimme! Gimmie! Gimme! by ABBA? Well this man, can pretty much
do everything. Fighting, goal scoring and just being an absolute beast. Plus have you heard he
has a brother in the league. It would be awesome to see him and Brady competing against one

I don’t even understand how you root for those teams as a parent. Do you hope for a shootout, since there aren’t ties anymore? Anyways, Matty can bring a bit of that fuck you to the show and the Tkachuk family would make some great entertainment (his dad, Keith was a
former NHL player and his sister Tayrn, played field hockey for Virginia).

Connor Bedard

The “new” face of the league and an Original Six team? Check both of those boxes for Connor
Bedard. I mean, if McJesus is on the list, we have to give some of the spotlight to who will replace him when he’s on the back nine of his career (McJesus ain’t even the best 97 in the league, right?). Bedard seems very similar to Nate Dogg or Sid when he approaches the game.

This would probably be a bit of a snooze fest when it comes to the off-ice lifestyle, but his on ice preparation, that is something that all viewers could enjoy. Plus, as I stated, the NHL needs to do a better job of marketing it’s players, this is that opportunity and the NHL would be stupid not to feature Bedard.

I think that displaying Connor’s preparation for practice and game day alike could go a long way in shaping the future of hockey. The sky’s the limit for this young fella and the future of hockey.

Connor Bedard, a potential candidate for the NHL/Amazon streaming show
Connor Bedard farts every time he shoots, as shown above.

In Conclusion, The NHL/Amazon Streaming Show Is Going To Rule

That’s my list, who do you want to see in this NHL/Amazon streaming show? What should we call it? Let us know by signing up for the newsletter and then emailing us what you think!

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