We’re Putting Ads on Helmets Now…

NHL Wild

Teams across the NHL have been slowly showing their fans the ads on the helmets for the upcoming season and they’re, well, ugly to say the least. Before I start ripping into these let me just say I understand why teams are doing this. No fans means less revenue to keep the organization running and they need to get that from somewhere. Now that that is out of the way, let’s dive in.

While the Wild haven’t released anything saying which logo they’ll wear on their helmets, lots of other teams have.

An early front runner for the ugliest helmet this year is the Pittsburgh Penguins. There’s a lot wrong with this. The logo itself is huge, was bigger than even the team logo ever was on their helmets. It also isn’t even close to team colors. At least other teams have theirs match their team colors so it’s not as distracting as Pittsburgh’s is.

Next up is the Detroit Red Wings. This how every team should be trying to incorporate the sponsors onto the helmet. It’s the exact same colors as the team and it’s not too big. While I think any helmet ads are an embarrassment for the teams, Detroit did as good of a job as a fan could hope.

The last one I’m going to discuss is the Nashville Predators. While this isn’t as bad as Pittsburgh, it’s still bad. One good thing is that it’s not too big where it automatically draws your eyes to it. I still hate it though because once again, the logo is not team colors. I don’t see why the companies wouldn’t want to try to match the team’s colors only on the helmet to at least keep fans and players happy.

Like I said at the beginning, I understand why teams are putting ads on their helmets, I just do not want this to be a regular thing in the NHL. This isn’t a European league, this is the highest level of hockey in the world, let’s keep it classy.