Nick Wright is a MORON

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Nick Wright has blatant West Coast bias

Look. On the one hand, I get it. I understand the Timberwolves are from the Midwest and they aren’t the most exciting team in the NBA. But let’s not act as if they suck and that the Lakers are better than them. Nick Wright is out here pandering to Lakers fans, trying to argue that Anthony Day-to-Day-vis can lead a LeBron-less Lakers team to the 6 seed???

Listen, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me share with you what “professional sports analyst” Nick Wright fired off onto Al Gore’s internet this morning.

Nick has this take just because they are the Lakers and have more fans than us. Shoutout to the Wolves Chat because this is what I woke up to. When you wake up to that, it’s no wonder I immediately was pissed off this morning.

I mean what the actual fuck.

The Los Angeles Lakers get the SIXTH SEED? They have been sub-par all year long and LeBron is still at least a week and a half from returning. But worst of all, the Wolves miss the playoffs entirely? Give me a break.

He created this tweet to get Wolves fans upset (spoiler alert: it worked) and to get likes out of the Laker’s big fan base. It’s so lazy and just shows your true colors.

If you don’t watch teams, why comment?

It doesn’t take much to do a little research and have a valid take NIck . All of the big basketball voices shit on Minnesota and praise other teams for no reason. For example when D’Lo was on the Wolves guys like Ryen Russillo and Bill Simmons called him the worst starting player in the NBA. Then he gets traded to the Lakers and all of the sudden he’s been really helpful and a great player to have on your team.

On Bill Simmons’ latest podcast he talked about the Wolves and said what do you do when Karl Anthony Towns comes back. He argues that we shouldn’t take away Kyle Anderson or Naz Reid’s minutes.. suggesting that Towns should sit behind them…was KAT not an All-NBA player last year? On Naz Reid and Slo-Mo’s best days, they are a fraction of what towns can bring to a team. That’s not a slight to Naz Reid or Kyle, it’s a testament to how good Towns is. Naz Reid.

Quit Faking it

It’s pretty simple: be genuine and believe what you actually say. Listen, if I went on Bill’s podcast and talked about the Celtics and lied through my ass and fired off a shit take, he’d torch me. If I said something like “the Celtics would be better if they had Malcolm Brogdon logging more minutes than Jayson Tatum.” He would probably have a heart attack, saying I don’t know what I’m talking about. Because I don’t and he doesn’t either.

Wolves fans, watch your own team and formulate your own opinion. (or read my articles and follow me on twitter @RG__II) just keep it real.

Sorry not sorry for being a spaz. I just can’t take it when these pundits talk out of their ass and the idiots who follow them believe it. I hope Nick Wright steps on a LEGO.