Night 10: Nothing Is More Frightening Than a Morgue

Everything Else

On night 10 of my horror movie marathon, I dive deeper into the story of ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ with Episode 2: “Open Casket”. The title itself is an invitation into the melancholy meanderings of Shirley Crain. Her vocation in the veil between life and death unveils a tapestry of tender and terrifying memories. Additionally, the episode sews together fragments of the past with present-day events, scoring a solid 8.5/10 on my terror tally.

Let’s Dive In

We’re escorted into the depths of Shirley’s psyche. Here, childhood memories of kittens mix with the grim reality of her mother’s funeral. This episode sketches a poignant portrait of a young heart grappling with the embrace of death. Forging her path as a funeral home owner, she aims to restore a life to the lifeless before their final farewell.

The sinister specter of Hill House hangs heavy as the Crain family crumbles under the crushing news of Nell’s tragic demise. Shirley strives to stitch the gaping wounds of loss within her family. Especially her sister Theo, who now seeks shelter within the walls of the guesthouse.

The ghostly grip tightens as the spectral semblance of their mother steps forth from the shadows. It’s this moment that helps stir a storm of denial, despair, and dread within Shirley. This encounter sends shivers down the spine, as the line between the living and the dead blurs, baring the brittle bones of buried fears and familial bonds.

The Morgue

As Shirley faces the challenge of preparing Nell’s body, the haunting hues of Hill House bleed into her reality. Will the visage of Nell, suspended between life and death, shatter Shirley’s steely resolve? Or shall it shepherd her towards a solemn understanding of the unforgiving yet unifying force of family?

“Open Casket” is a melody strung on the strings of Hill House‚Äôs harrowing halls. Each scene ruffles the delicate drapes of dread and death, wrapping around the heart with a chilling caress.

The whispers of Hill House’s haunted history echo into the abyss, promising a deeper dive into the dark and dread-laden domain of the Crain family.

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