Night 15: Dead People Shouldn’t Crawl

Everything Else

Night 15 of my horror movie marathon brought episode 7: “Eulogy” of ‘The Haunting of Hill House’, ushering us into a gloomy gathering of friends and loved ones. As the mournful melody of Nell’s funeral orchestrates the rhythm of regret among the Crain family, the sinister Hill House decides to make itself known. 

My scare rating: 8/10

Let’s Dive In

The funeral setting becomes a cold cauldron where the brew of familial bitterness boils to the surface. The family, instead of binding together in the face of bereavement, splinters further into islands of isolation. Each character is a silhouette of sorrow, their faces etched with the eerie essence of emotional exhaustion. Hugh, haunted, yet accepting, of the whispers of his deceased wife desperately attempts to mend the growing chasm clenching through the family. However, his words fall on deaf ears.

The ghosts of Hill House, ever so opportunistic, seize this moment of mourning to manifest their malicious might. A ghastly grip reaches out from Nell’s grave, nearly yanking Luke in while the crawling specter of their mother sends shivers of sheer terror down Theo and Hugh’s spines. The funeral home morphs into a mausoleum of malaise and malevolent manifestations.

As the eulogies echo through the halls, Luke’s eyes latch onto Shirley’s purse, his actions suggesting a veiled venture veering towards the venomous veins of Hill House. Unbeknownst to the family, a quest has kindled within Luke, driving him towards the dreadful doors of Hill House. His emotional goodbye to Hugh hides a horrifying hint of the harrowing haunt awaiting.

The episode, soaked in a somber symphony of sorrow and spectral scares, leaves a lingering chill as the credits crawl. The Crains, ensnared in an ever-tightening noose of necrotic nightmares, inch closer to the infernal core of their cursed lineage. As night 15 descends, the grip of Hill House tightens, promising a petrifying procession into the passages that lie ahead.

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