Night 2: Why the Hell Would Someone Want a Creepy Looking Doll?

Everything Else

Stepping into the horrifying domain of Annabelle: Creation, I was fully prepared to be scared shitless. With a riveting storyline that sends shivers down the bravest of spines, this film is a rollercoaster that takes you through both loops of horror and sheer exhilaration. I walked out of the living room with a racing heart and a solid rating of 8.5/10. 

Overall Thoughts

Right from the opening scene, the film gripped me with its sinister ambiance. I found myself facing off against a possessed doll that seemed to revel in the theatrics almost as much as in the terror it spread. The creaks, flickers of light, and the unpredictable antics of the demonic doll kept me invested throughout the story.

The jump scares were plentiful and well-timed. Each jolt was a spine-tingling blend of horror and nerves, orchestrated to perfection. Annabelle’s whimsical wickedness had a playful maleficence that kept me eagerly awaiting her next nefarious move. It was a devilish dance of dread and delight, with every scare followed by a burst of nervous laughter.

While the film has plenty of scares, it also provides moments of calm before immediately taking me back into the chilling narrative. Every time Annabelle struck, she struck hard, reminding me of the grave situation at hand.

Annabelle: Creation is a masterful meld of the macabre and the mirthful. The demonic doll’s devilry had me recoiling in terror for most of the movie. It was an adventure that left me checking every dark corner of our house and pondering the legality of owning a doll. Seriously, it should be illegal.

In a realm where horror films typically tread a serious, somber path, Annabelle: Creation does just that. It’s a journey I thoroughly enjoyed and one I’d recommend to anyone who believes that a good scare and nightmares are perfectly okay.

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