Night 20: I Will NEVER Play Hide and Seek Again

Everything Else

My horror marathon continued into night 20 with ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ with Episode 2: “The Pupil”. Bly unleashed a higher decibel of dread this time, scoring an 8/10 on my scare scale while diving deeper into the dark dimensions that dance in the daylight and lurk in the shadows.

Let’s Dive In

The focus sharpens on young Miles Wingrave, whose innocence begins to fracture, unveiling a sinister streak stirred by unseen strings. As the narrative navigates through the needles of his boarding school days, a letter from sister Flora sails a chilling chill down the spine of the storyline. The terse message, “Come Home,” triggers a torrent of troubling behavior in Miles. These actions push him on a dark descent that climaxes in his eviction back to Bly.

Back in the present, an innocent game of Hide and Seek unfolds into an uncovering of the vermin that vibrate in the veins of Bly Manor. The forbidden wing welcomes Dani, enveloping her in an embrace as she scours the shadows.

The sinister scene sets with Flora hiding in the attic. Her innocent hums harmonizing with the haunting hum of a ghost looming behind. Crafting a creepiness that brings out a laugh as Flora turns and shushes the spectral singer.

“The Pupil” propels Bly into a higher haunt, bridging the benign with the bizarre. Weaving a wraithlike wreath of horror that encircles the existence of the Manor. The episode ebbs and flows through the flood of frights, fleshing out the fearful fates that have befallen the Wingrave siblings and foreshadowing the fiendish fables yet to unfold.

As the gates of Bly creaked closed on night 20, the horror heightened my senses in suspense. This promised a dangerous plunge into the paranormal as the nights of fright move forward.

Next up: The Haunting of Bly Manor Episode 3 – The Two Faces, Part One