Night 21: This Guy Is Literally the Worst Human

Everything Else

As the marathon moves into night 21, ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ continued to unveil its story with Episode 3: “The Two Faces, Part One”. The episode tallied a 7/10 on my scare scale, weaving a tale that dabbled in love, loathing, and lurking shadows.

Let’s Dive In

The narrative navigated back in time to unveil the tale of Rebecca Jessel, or Ms. Jessel, the predecessor to Dani in the role of the au pair at Bly Manor. The journey jogged through her interview with Henry Wingrave, leading to her fateful encounter with Peter Quint. The air crackled with the foreboding fragrance of future follies as Peter and Rebecca’s paths intertwined.

Their connection blossomed amidst the menacing backdrop of Bly, with romance simmering between the silhouettes of secrecy that shrouded Peter Quint. His stay at Bly, initially meant to be brief, extended into nights of romantic rendezvous with Ms. Jessel. The emotional exposition revealed the tender threads that tied Rebecca to Peter. Only for them to be tested by tumultuous tides as Peter’s jealousy dumped into a rage.

Back in the present, Dani finds herself facing Peter who seems to slip through the seams of the scenery. His haunting appearances hint at a harsher horror hiding in the heart of Bly Manor. Subtly sewing seeds of sinister sequences soon to surface.

“The Two Faces, Part One” traversed through the tangled past, setting a sinister stage for the secrets simmering in the shadows of Bly Manor.

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