Night 22: Date Night Gone Wrong

Everything Else

Night 22 dove deeper into the haunts of ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ with Episode 4: “The Way It Came”. The scare scale registered a decent 6/10 as the episode peeled back layers from Dani’s past. Revealing the silhouette of sorrow that shadows her steps.

Let’s Dive In

The narrative winds back the clock to spotlight Dani’s life before Bly, where she was happily engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Edmund. Their world seemed woven with love until the fabric of affection started to fray from Dani’s end.

Amidst the gloomy grounds of Bly, a bonfire burns bright as Dani, Owen, Hannah, and Jamie gather around, embracing a tradition to cast away their heartaches into the fiery furnace. Each one bears a bit of their burdened heart, except for Dani, whose secrets simmer silently within.

The tale takes a turn back to Dani’s decisive dinner with Edmund. Here she discloses her disinterest in marching down the aisle. The emotional moment spills onto the streets, turning into a tragic twist as Edmund meets a fatal fate. Imprinting the image of the man with bright glasses onto Dani’s tortured psyche.

Back in the Bly, Dani navigates her way to the kitchen. Upstairs, Flora sees the creepy faceless doll on the loose which sends her and Miles scrambling. They whisk downstairs to ward off Dani from a possible encounter, showcasing a slice of the sinister synergy that seems to shroud the Bly household.

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