Night 23: Watch out for Faceless People

Everything Else

On night 23, my horror marathon journey led me back to Bly Manor with Episode 5: “The Altar of the Dead”, scoring a 7/10 on my scare scale. This episode, while a tad confusing at first with its leap between present and past, holds crucial keys to unlocking the dark mysteries of Bly.

Let’s Dive In

In this chapter, the narrative dives deep into the life and memories of Hannah, the groundskeeper. Through her flashbacks, we witness her warm introduction to Owen in the kitchen. Their chemistry is undeniable and the budding connection between them is heartwarming. But just when things seem to be going well, a shadow falls across their newfound friendship.

Peter’s Terrifying End:

While Hannah’s story unfolds, we also delve into the sinister saga of Peter, a character you love to hate. His conniving nature continues to weave trouble, especially around Ms. Jessel. However, Peter’s nefarious narrative takes a terrifying twist when he falls prey to the Lady in the Lake, the faceless terror of Bly. The horrific scene unfolds before the eyes of Hannah, Miles and Flora, leaving them shell-shocked. But the terror doesn’t end there; Peter’s lifeless form now roams the grounds of Bly, adding to its ghostly populace.

The plot thickens as we discover Peter’s sinister skill of possessing young Miles. In a shocking reveal, we learn that mere moments before Dani’s arrival at Bly, Hannah had a fatal encounter with Peter, who, possessing Miles, pushes her down a well, ending her earthly existence.


“The Altar of the Dead” serves as a grim gateway into the deeper and darker corners of Bly Manor’s haunted history. The episode seamlessly interlaces the past with the present, shedding light on the eerie occurrences that have been sending shivers down our spines since the beginning. Through a tapestry of terrifying and touching moments, this episode binds us closer to the characters, the manor and the chilling chain of events that have led to the current ominous occurrences.

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