Night 24: A Drunk Alter Ego

Everything Else

On night 24, ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ Episode 6: “The Jolly Corner,” scores a 5/10 on my scare scale. This episode delved into the tormented psyche of Uncle Henry and unveiled some disturbing truths.

Let’s Dive In

Uncle Henry emerges as a deeply troubled man, with this episode laying bare his haunting past. His perpetual drunkenness and the torment from his alter ego unveil a dark struggle that he battles continuously. A manifestation of his guilt and shame. Here, flashbacks reveal Henry’s deep involvement in the lives of his niece and nephew at Bly Manor. On the surface all seems heartwarming, however, it hides a dark secret. He had an affair with his brother’s wife, Charlotte and upon this discovery, his brother, Dominic, understandably cuts ties with him. The parents’ attempt to find solace leads them to a tragic end in India, leaving the children orphaned and Henry estranged.

Possession and Panic

Fast-forward to the present, the sinister saga of possession unfolds with Flora acting strangely due to Rebecca’s possession, taught by the devious Peter. The horror escalates as Dani encounters the ghostly figures of Rebecca and Peter. In a panic, she dashes to the attic, a questionable choice, only to be knocked unconscious by Miles.

“The Jolly Corner” shines a spotlight on the shadows lurking within Bly Manor’s walls. Both in the hearts of the living and the souls of the dead. Through a mix of haunting memories and terrifying encounters, the episode stitches together the chilling narrative, paving a harrowing path for the unfolding horror.

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