Night 25: A Picture Shouldn’t Look Like That

Everything Else

Night 25 of the marathon brought forth Episode 7: “The Two Faces, Part Two” of ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’, scoring a 7/10 on the scare scale. This episode delves into the ghostly abilities of Peter and the subsequent betrayal that brings about a chilling confrontation at Bly Manor.

Let’s Dive In

We are taken back to when Peter was coming to terms with his ghostly existence and discovering his ability to possess the living. His desperate desire to be with Rebecca drives him to convince her to let him possess her body, promising a life together in America. However, things take a dark turn when Peter, in Rebecca’s body, walks into the lake, causing Ms. Jessel’s demise. The realization of her death shatters Rebecca, leading to a rift between her and Peter.

Present Confrontation

Fast forward to the present, the ghostly duo of Peter and Rebecca, along with Miles and Flora, have Dani bound in the attic to prevent her from interfering in their plans. Peter persuades Miles to let him possess his body, while Ms. Jessel seemingly does the same with Flora. Possessed Miles leaves to reveal to Hannah the reality of her death by showing her body in the well. Meanwhile, in the attic, a supposedly possessed Flora reveals to Dani that she’s pretending under Ms. Jessel’s instruction, and together they manage to free Dani.

As Dani and Flora attempt to flee Bly, Flora hesitates to leave Miles behind. Dani insists they must go, but just as they turn to leave, the terrifying Lady of the Lake appears, dragging Dani back into the haunted halls of Bly.

What’s To Come

“The Two Faces, Part Two” unveils haunting betrayals and chilling revelations that further entangle the lives of the living and the dead at Bly Manor. This episode crafts a suspenseful narrative, leading to a terrifying climax that leaves us on the edge of our seats, awaiting the unfolding fate of Dani and the children at Bly.

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