Night 3: Lock Your Damn Doors or Else People Are Going to Possess Your Belongings

Everything Else

The serenity of a quiet evening at home is the best – that was until I decided to turn my living room into a mini horror film festival where night 3 included the infamous Annabelle. Yes, I threw caution to the wind, grabbed my remote, and embarked on a cinematic journey that could easily be titled, “Why Possessed Dolls Should be Illegal: A Bone-Chilling Tale”.

Overall Thoughts

As I nestled into my comfy couch, I hit play and thus began my rendezvous with Annabelle, the doll who’s more than just a little wooden head. From the get-go, this movie made it clear: peaceful evenings and possessed dolls don’t mix. With a rating of 7/10, it’s safe to say Annabelle did deliver some spine-chilling moments wrapped in a sinister bow.

Now let’s talk jump scares. Just when you think you’re safe, BAM! The stupid doll’s antics send you leaping off your seat. It’s like the directors meticulously plotted every jump scare when you least expect it. Although, unfortunately, there were scenes where the scares were as predictable as my cat-loving catnip.

Speaking of predictability, there were moments when my sixth sense tingled way before the scare scene unfolded. It’s like having a horror movie spidey sense, making some scenes as surprising as finding out water is wet. The sinister tune that played right before a scare scene was like a harbinger of the fright to come, robbing the scene of that unexpected jolt we all secretly (or not so secretly) crave.

Star of the show

Annabelle, with eyes that pierce the soul and a presence that screams, “Why am I not in a locked vault somewhere far, far away?” Honestly, dealing with possessed dolls should be forbidden. It’s a heart attack waiting to happen. Who needs a haunted doll in their living room? Certainly not me.

This is a devilish delight of a film, making a regular evening at home feel like a stroll through a haunted doll museum. With a decent number of jump scares and a plot that sometimes tiptoed on the line of predictability, it’s a film that offers both fright and slight frustration. The moral of the story? Keep dolls in the dollhouse and lock your damn doors.