Night 30: Hocus Pocus is a Fricken Classic

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We’re now down to the final two days of my October horror movie marathon! On night 30, we make our way over to Salem, MA to explore “Hocus Pocus”. While this movie only provides a scare score of 1/10, it makes up for it with an overall score of 9/10!

Let’s Dive In

On Halloween night back in the 1600s, the Sanderson sisters, Winifred, Sarah and Mary, took a child into the woods and killed her. As her brother, Thackery Binx, tried to save her, they turned him into a black cat that would roam Salem for eternity. The witches were instantly found guilty and hung outside of their home. Now, only a virgin who lights the infamous black flamed candle could bring them back from the dead.

Fast forward a few hundred years to the 1990s, when the Dennison family arrived from California. Here, Max, the eldest, tries to fit in with his class and make a move on Allison, while getting bullied by two idiots. (Not going to dive further into the two bullies, they’re just idiots and that’s all you need to know). As it’s Halloween, Max is tasked with bringing his sister, Dani, out for trick or treating, much to his disapproval. House by house he grows more embarrassed and finally says screw it. He tells Dani to grow up and as she runs away and cries he follows with guilt. While Max comforts Dani they notice they’re in front of a huge mansion which is coincidentally Allison’s.

Onto the Good Stuff

Max, Allison, and Dani make their way to the old Sanderson house where Max lights the black flamed candle. This brings the sisters back from the grave to finish their goal of sucking the souls out of the children and living forever. While they almost succeed in killing Dani, the heroes escape the witches, steal Winifred’s spell book, and make their way into town.

As the night races toward dawn, the stakes climb higher. The face-off at the old Sanderson abode is nothing short of cinematic candy. Spells fly, broomsticks soar, a zombie emerges and the bond between our young heroes deepens. This, mind you, all occurring while the town goes about their business.

A Must Watch

“Hocus Pocus” is laced with humor, heart and a hint of “horror”, making it a must-watch this Halloween season. If you’re one of the few that haven’t seen this movie. Well, let’s change that!

Next up: Hocus Pocus 2