Night 4: If You Have a Witch Problem, the Warren’s Can Help With That

Everything Else

Alright, so night 4 of my annual dive into the spooky abyss brought me face to face with ‘The Conjuring’. This movie packs a solid punch of 9/10 on the scream-o-meter while having just enough chuckles to keep you from turning on every light in the house. From the word go, it’s like stepping into a possessed funhouse where each scare is a terrifyingly terrific treat.

Overall Thoughts

The whole shindig kicks off with the Perron family, who’ve moved into a house that’s basically the Ritz-Carlton for ghosts. And not the friendly, Casper-type ghosts, but the kind that make you wonder if a nightlight could possibly have a setting bright enough to keep the nightmares at bay. Enter stage right: Ed and Lorraine Warren, the paranormal pros who aren’t afraid to tell a ghost to stay in its lane (cough cough Annabelle). They’re up against Bathsheba, a witch with a knack for the creepy crawly, and let’s just say, she’s not handing out warm welcomes.

These ghost hunters are the kind of cool you aspire to be when you hear a bump in the night. They dive into the spooky shenanigans with a blend of bravery and banter that makes you want to cheer them on from the safety of your snug, ghost-free living room.

‘The Conjuring’ serves up scares that’ll have you clutching your pillow for dear life, with a side of laughs to keep the heartbeat somewhat steady. Those moments are like a comforting pat on the back amidst a sea of sinister, a wink in the dark as things go bump in the night.

The movie’s got the kind of frights that stick with you, making every creak in your house sound like an invitation to a ghostly gathering. But it’s the light-hearted jabs amidst the jaw-dropping jolts that make this a horror home run on night four of my marathon. ‘The Conjuring’ set the scary but slightly snarky tone I didn’t know I needed, as I march onward through the mist of my horror movie marathon, with a laugh to buffer the screams.

Next up: Annabelle Comes Home