Night 5: Why the @#%$ Would You Have a Demonic Room In Your House?! WITH A KID! 

Everything Else

On the fifth night of my haunting journey through a celluloid world of horror, I found myself seated in the eerie glow of ‘Annabelle Comes Home’. Scoring a 7.5/10, this flick would’ve bagged a higher score if only Ed and Lorraine Warren had the common sense to keep their creepy collection of demonic relics anywhere but their family home. Honestly, what were they thinking? But hey, their lapse in judgment makes for our terrifying entertainment, right?

Let’s Dive In

Now, the Warrens, God bless their fearless souls (well before they shrugged off the mortal coil), decide it’s a splendid idea to keep all their demonic souvenirs in a room inside their very own home. Oh, and they have a daughter, who like any curious kiddo, finds the ‘Room of Doom’ pretty intriguing. Before they head out for a weekend getaway, the parental guidance offered is basically, “Sweetie, steer clear of the room that could potentially unleash hell on earth, mmkay?” Parents of the year, right?

Annabelle Is an Ass

‘Annabelle Comes Home’ is a carnival of the creepy with our notorious doll, Annabelle, as the ringmaster. The moment that room is unlocked, it’s like Black Friday for the undead and demonic, and everything that was once safely encased decides to stretch its sinister legs around the Warren household. Annabelle, our demonic doll du jour, doesn’t miss a beat in rallying up the eerie ensemble for a night of terror. It’s like a ghostly jamboree and every evil entity is on the guest list.

The scares are plenty and the dread is doled out in delightful dollops, ensuring your popcorn jumps out of the bowl more than a few times. However, amidst the terror, you can’t help but facepalm at the idea of keeping a demonic doll in a house where your kid lives. It’s like keeping a jar of cookies on the lower shelf and telling your child not to touch. Only, these cookies have a penchant for soul-snatching.

In between gasps and guffaws at the absurdity of the Warrens’ domestic arrangements, ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ offers a fun, fright-filled adventure with a side of humor. The eerie antics of Annabelle and Co. against the backdrop of the worst babysitting gig ever, makes for a horror movie night well spent. Yet, as I venture into the night, I can’t help but shake my head at the Warrens’ parental paradox, wrapped up in a bow of bewitching bedlam.

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