Night 7: Big Trouble in London Town, Demon Edition

Everything Else

On the seventh evening of my horror marathon, ‘The Conjuring 2’ invited me to a ghostly gala across the Atlantic, right in the heart of London. Swapping the American dread for some British frights, our beloved paranormal duo, Ed and Lorraine, tackle the terrifying tidings troubling the Hodgson family, securing a 7/10 on my scare scale.

Overall Thoughts

Now, let’s delve into the Hodgson household where young Janet decides to tinker with an Ouija board. A little word to the wise, folks: Ouija boards are not playthings unless you fancy a chat with the otherworldly. And alas, Janet, perhaps the poster child for why one should steer clear of spirit-summoning shenanigans, invites a ghastly guest into her home.

The haunting hops into high gear, and who better to dial for a demonic debacle than Ed and Lorraine Warren? They jet over to jolly old England, ready to rumble with the restless spirits. They initially pin the paranormal pandemonium on the ghostly Bill, but oh, how the tables turn. Surprise, it’s not Bill but Valek, the demonic nun from ‘The Nun’, pulling the eerie strings. Talk about a plot twist dipped in holy water!

Now, ‘The Conjuring 2’ may not have the same devilish charm as its predecessor, but it holds its eerie essence with a firm ghostly grip. The setting in London adds a dreary drizzle to the dread, while the unexpected turn of events keeps the heart pounding like a demonic drum.

The Warrens, with their never-ending bravery (or shall we say, ghost-gallantry), probe into the dark unknown once again, making us cheer, shiver, and shout at the screen with a blend of admiration and fear-fueled frustration. The movie’s narrative, though sprinkled with predictable scares, serves a solid round of heart-thumping horror with a side of English eeriness.


As the credits roll, the charm of ‘The Conjuring 2’ leaves a haunting hymn in the backdrop. This sets a ghastly yet gleeful tone as I venture into the forthcoming frights of my marathon, with a wary eye on the shadowy corners and a lighter heart for the haunted hijinks ahead.

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