Night 8: I Plead Not Guilty Because I Was Possessed by the Devil

Everything Else

On the grind of night 8 in my horror movie marathon, the reels spun to the rhythm of ‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’. This chapter veers off the beaten path we’ve come to expect from our fearless ghost-busting duo, Ed and Lorraine Warren. The scare tally didn’t quite hit the high notes this time around but the tale it spun was decent enough, scoring a 6/10 on my scare-o-meter.

Overall Thoughts

Our saga begins with Ed and Lorraine caught in the throes of an exorcism, where an 8-year-old boy is playing host to a hell-raising entity. Amidst the chaotic clash of good and evil, Ed, while grappling with a heart attack, witnesses the demonic entity hop onto a new host, Arne Johnson. A dire fate unfolds as Arne, now possessed, commits a gruesome crime, insisting that the devil made him do it.

Though there’s a brief visit to the courtroom due to Arne’s devilish debacle, the movie quickly dives back into the eerie explorations as Ed and Lorraine scramble to unravel the dark mysteries concocting this sinister setup. The Warrens’ venture into unknown terrains, both metaphorical and spiritual, to get to the bottom of the malevolent mystery.

‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’ takes us on a detour from the typical haunted house horror to a more sprawling sinister landscape. While the scares were scant and spread thin, the mystery that unravels keeps the eerie essence alive.

It’s a lukewarm yet lore-rich addition to the Conjuring chronicles, delving deeper into the dark canal of the Warrens’ adventures. The narrative takes a stab at blending real-world horror with the supernatural, though it may have lost a bit of its ghostly grip.

As I bid adieu to night 8, this movie left me with a lingering curiosity about the sinister shenanigans that our ghost-hunting heroes would find themselves in next, setting a somewhat subdued but still spooky tone as I tread towards the next night of my marathon with the ghostly echoes of the Warrens’ whispers in the wind.

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