No One Cares That You’re Watching The Masters In Class


Calling all College students, especially those of you who are fans of golf for exactly 20 minutes a year.

Yes, I’m talking to those who feel the need to show everyone via Snapchat/Instagram story that they are fucking off and watching the Masters during class on Thursday morning. Yes it’s an exciting tournament and yes it starts in the middle of a workweek…. but did you know every tournament does? No, you don’t, because you aren’t a real fan of golf…

Below is a detailed timeline of the “Fake Masters Fan”:

Down to a fucking T. There’s nothing I hate more than people being fake, especially those who do it through social media… The Masters is a sacred tournament, not a wardrobe accessory to your darty’s. As a self-appointed leader of the common folk, I absolutely will not have this invasion of “golf bros” take our way of life and throw it on the ground to make them look like a rebel. Additionally, if you are one of my friends and are caught doing this, you can fully expect me to give you pop quizzes throughout the weekend!

Watch the full episode of “Its a Bit” –

Yeah when I was in college I did it too, but I grew up watching/playing this sport, I knew all the players in the field, I am able to reference any Masters Sunday that has occurred in my lifetime.

To really put it in perspective, I am like a local resident living in a tourist town. I enjoy the traffic and the business, but I’m excited for them to leave every year! With all of that being said, I’m not saying you can’t watch the tournament during class/work, just watch it the rest of the weekend! We don’t have room for bandwagon fans in this sport.