Nobody Actually Likes 6mg ZYNS

Everything Else

You know, everyone’s got their thing. Some rip darts, some throw in a chaw, some smoke the ganj, some vape. Me? I enjoy a nice little buzz from a nicotine pouch from time to time. More specifically, a ZYN. They come in all sorts of flavors. Peppermint, coffee, cool mint, smooth, so many options. What’s the other important decision when picking a can on ZYNS? 3mg or 6mg. Really is a silly question since nobody actually likes 6mg ZYNS.

The Taste

As I mentioned before, ZYNS come in all sorts of delicious options. What makes them not so delicious? Those 6 milly pillys (shoutout freezertarps). It’s just too much nicotine. Like your mother used to tell you…too much of a good thing is a bad thing. And that’s 6mg ZYNS. A 3mg ZYN is like having a perfectly mixed drink. Or like a beautiful day that’s not too hot or humid and full of sunshine but you don’t get a sunburn. Nobody actually likes 6mg ZYNS. They are like drinking nothing but scotch all day when it’s 100 degrees out and you’ve been in the pool with no sunscreen.

It’s just too much of that nicotine taste or whatever it is. You miss the savory taste of the ZYN and I don’t want that for anyone. There is however a certain set of people who do it not for the taste or enjoyment. But for their egos.

The Type

We all have that friend who maybe tries a little too hard to be the coolest guy around. It hasn’t even always been the same guy. Growing up in elementary school it was the kid who thought he was the shit because he would rock a pair of Nike Shox and not abide by the timer at the drinking fountain. Then would shove fat kids like me out of the way just after running the mile in gym class while I’m fighting for my life. There were then the kids who were great at sports in middle school and then the cool kids who drank way earlier than everybody else in high school.

These studs then turned into the guys who drank way too much in college and got a job in sales. I don’t think these individuals have enjoyed anything they’ve done in life but they’re so deep into it now they have no choice but to use 6mg ZYNS. And deep down…nobody actually likes 6mg ZYNS.

This is the 6mg crew

The 3mg Crew

There’s just something special about us. Just down to earth good-looking guys and gals. Not looking to impress anybody with an extra ring of color on our ZYN cans. Doing it to take the edge off on a busy day at work. Maybe even celebrating JJ signing that extension with the Vikes. Or poppin’ a guy in after that first happy hour beer. We’re doing it for us. We know nobody actually likes 6mg ZYNS.

If Luke Combs being a 3mg guy doesn’t make you want to be a 3mg guy? We don’t want ya.

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