North Dakota’s Continuing Struggles To Overcome The Pressure To Become A Winning Hockey School Again.

Gambling Gophers

Oh no! Someone, please tell me I wasn’t dreaming watching that North Dakota game last night. The worst school in college hockey loses in the first round? TO MICHIGAN????? SHOCKER!

The Journey Starts Tonight

Not only did your journey start last night, but it also ended last night!

Might as well watch the journey from start to finish.

I would say I’m surprised but I’m not. North Dakota and the Buffalo Bills have lots in common. Have good regular seasons, talk themselves up, and tell themselves this is the year to lose early into the playoffs. I would say I feel bad for them, but I don’t.

All you hear all year is how good North Dakota is and how great their rink is. They have all these cool things that NHL arenas don’t even have, and all you hear is “Who Wouldn’t Wanna Come Play Here”.


Bossmans Thoughts

My Thoughts

Fuck your recovery room (even though it’s cool) and fuck all the other things you guys brag about every week.

At the end of the day it’s hockey, and while you guys do all that shit your big brothers one state to the east of you are busy winning hockey games while putting in part-time shifts at Kollege Klub. Brag about the legacy of your school all you want, at the end of the day you know who is superior.

Really does suck. I was cheering hard for a Gophers Vs Sioux National Championship in St Paul. Nothing would make me happier than beating you guys in the biggest game of them all.

Unfortunately, you guys can’t figure out how to win that first-round game. Bummer. Since it can’t happen this year, let’s take a look back at that great game-winning goal in 2014.

If only I could watch Bossman’s reaction when this happened. Speaking of which let’s check in on his reactions last night.

Checking In With Bossman


Of course like any sports fan, he fully believed in his squad. 9 seemed so close, but it’s still so far away.


Up 2-1 going into the third? I’m sure the vibes were golden for North Dakota fans. That was until Michigan decided to score 3 straight goals to take a 4-2 lead…. then I think reality started to set in.

(He has been active on social media no need to worry anyone)

Also has to be demoralizing when you’re watching your goalie give up goals you give up at beer league every week.

The Final Outcome

As any heartbroken fan does, you always try to find the positive within the negative. Which is exactly what Bossman tried to do last night after the game.

I would say I feel bad, but I don’t. North Dakota = the Packers to Me. I hate them. Just like Packers fans, I’m sure you’re only comeback will be how many championships you guys have. Do you think I give one fuck or two fucks about your championships before I was born? Hell NO.

Always Next Year?

North Dakota, you always can look forward to next year. But just know it’s always the same story. We will be sitting here one year from now typing out the same thing, well that is if you guys even make the tournament next year.

Just know your big brothers one state to the East of you will always be on top. You can have your shine with your arena and all the cool shit it has. I’d sure hope it’s top-notch, there’s nothing else in that boring ass state. If you can’t put a championship-winning hockey team on the ice you might as well have the best hockey arena, right?

Gopher Hockey

Guess who won a hockey game and is playing tonight for a chance to head home to St Paul for the Frozen Four? You guessed it (no shocker) the GOPHERS!

They face off against 2-seed Boston University @ 5:30 Tonight.

Please for the love of the Frozen Four don’t lose. College hockey is depending on you. The last thing we need is all those East Fucks out here.

North Dakota Hockey

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