Of Course Glue Girl Protested at a Wolves Game

Basketball Timberwolves

Listen. The Wolves got shredded last night online. The world was ripping on our beloved Timberwolves for Titanic level celebration after winning a play-in game. Folks on the outside don’t understand how bad this team has been for almost 20 years. Let us enjoy it eh? But the real reason people should be ripping on the Wolves is for the way our fans decide to protest. Let me introduce you to Glue Girl:

Want to see a photo thats going to be used as a meme and forgotten about in 3 days?

Target Center security and Pat Beverly shared a common “What the fuck are you doing crazy lady” kind of reaction to this.

I’m not an expert on protesting. The only thing I have ever protested for in my life was taking Crowd Chant away at Wild games, and I’m even coming around to “Shout”. But why would you protest during a play in game?

I would wait until as late as possible in our hopeful playoff run when there’s more people watching and not on a night where the Wild and Twins are playing too.

This was one of those moments where someone tried to be different and switch it up from the typical picket signs and handcuffs, but gluing yourself to the court seems more like something you would have to do for losing your fantasy football league. Or something one might do if they just smoked a healthy amount of crack.

She also apparently used Elmer glue. Once again, not a protesting expert, but next time someone tries to pull this off, I would try super glue.

I am not an expert in a lot of fields, but I DO have experience accidentally glueing all of my fingers together while attempting to super glue the simplest thing back together. That shit works.

Here is why Glue Girl was protesting:

Yes this sounds awful, and people have every right to demand answers, but everyone already hates Glen Taylor. No one needs to protest that guy. If it weren’t for Arod and Marc Lore buying the team, the whole arena would be basically protesting all the time.

I’m not sure if kicking off our playoff run with this bizarre event is a blessing or a curse, but either way I’m hoping the Wolves can make a run in the playoffs this year, and winning in this franchise will STICK.