Of COURSE the Zodiac Killer was a Vikings fan

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I think we all figured out why Minnesota SportsTM are cursed. The goddamn Zodiac Killer was (allegedly) a Vikings fan. That’s no bueno.

If you somehow missed it, a team of 40 independent investigators announced that they have deduced that America’s most infamous serial killer is some dead old guy named Gary F. Poste. Poste was (supposedly) a Vikings fan, seen above wearing a very stylish purple and gold hat. It seems like a lot to believe until you realize that Poste was also an internet troll. And who trolls and shitposts better than Vikings Twitter?

It is absolutely wild to think about someone realizing their friend is the Zodiac Killer and then trying to let people know through weird posts ranging from vague hinting to explicitly telling anyone who will listen that the Zodiac Killer is dead and his name was Gary Francis Poste.

According to the records, Poste died in August of 2018. This means the last meaningful Vikings game he saw was the NFC Championship Game against the Eagles… I’m not saying this makes it better… But if there is a silver lining to that dumpster fire of a game, it’s that it made the Zodiac Killer miserable too and that’s the memory of the Vikings he will have while he’s hanging out in Hell.

zodiac killer
Hope that stupid big ass forehead is ready for it.

Maybe now that he’s been identified, just in time for Spooky Season, the Vikings curse will be lifted. After all, we’ve already identified the reason that the Vikings will win the Super Bowl right here at 10K.