Oh NO, Jake Layman!

Basketball Timberwolves

With a play-in spot set for the Timberwolves, the bench players got a lot more run on Sunday night against the Chicago Bulls. Players like Nate Knight, Mckinley Wright, and Jake Layman all got more playing time than they normally would. While the Wolves set a new franchise record for bench points scored in a game…it also came with blunders of its own.

Welcome to the Not Top 10, Jake Layman

Late in the 3rd quarter of the game Bulls forward Patrick Williams stepped to the free-throw line. Fired one short of the front rim which would have been an easy rebound for the 6th-grade boy’s team who competed at halftime. Like the try hard in gym class, his extra effort worked against him. Layman ended up tipping the ball into his own net and found himself all over the internet.

You Hate to See It

We can all sit and laugh at what happened to Layman, but let’s not act like we haven’t been there before. From own goals in hockey to running into the wrong endzone in a football game, it seems to happen more in Minnesota Sports than others. Just check out these examples…

It’s not all bad

Even though Layman will appear on the next episode of shaqtin’ a fool. His play actually picked up quite a bit after his god-awful miss. Making a few nice passes that lead to assists and hitting a clutch three late. But with the wolves only losing by four one has to wonder. Do they end up winning the game if the basket goes the other way? Layman cashed his vegas ticket of Bulls -4 and slept good knowing the game had no real effect on the Wolves’ season. They take on the Clippers Tuesday night at 8:30 pm, get ready Wolves fans!