One Year Later, I’m Still Out on the Twins’ M Logo

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Pitchers and catchers are reporting, the sun is out longer, and everyone’s complaining about the Pohlads being cheap again. This can only mean one thing: Baseball is almost back. A hot story from this year’s spring training has been the new uniforms by Fanatics, which have been universally praised as an improvement in quality.

I’m all for a good dog pile as much as anybody, but I can’t help thinking about a different uniform discussion, the Twins rebrand from last year. This has led me to a simple conclusion, that I’m still out on The Twins M Logo.

I’ll admit, I was a bit harsh on the complete collection of uniforms when they were first announced, and I’ve come around on them since then. The “Twin Cities” jerseys are up there for my favorites ever. The red-on-white REALLY pops when it’s in action. Hell, we even brought back pinstripes, and who doesn’t love those?

But this M hat just doesn’t do it for me, for all the same reasons it didn’t do it for me back then. For one, it’s still just the Marlins’ logo in our color scheme, swap the fish for a star. Also, this is a team with SO MANY killer logos:

Including an already existing M that we won a World Series in.

Now, am I saying that ALL of these are better than the new M? Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying. It lacks nostalgia, but also isn’t particularly fun to look at either.

This is the start and end of my rant on the Twins. Despite the lack of fun in free agency, this is one of the first years in a while that I’m both excited and optimistic for the Twinkies return. We’ve got young stars, solid pitching, and one of the best closers (entrances) in all of baseball. But good GOD, can we please call it a day on this minimalist meh of a Twins M logo.