Our Cup-Snake Took Over the Twins Game …And it was GLORIOUS.

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Goddamn!! That was a fun night at the ballpark last Saturday. All of us here at 10k Takes want to first give a shoutout to everyone that showed up and joined the fun in section 239. All the support that we continue to get from all of you out there is fucking amazing. We can’t thank everyone enough. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that these events are what we’re all about. We look forward to doing more of these in the future.

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Saturday also marked the first time I got to meet my co-workers up close and in person. By the end of the night, I felt like I had known everyone for years. From the higher-ups on “The Council,” to some of my fellow bloggers and content contributors, hell, even that son-of-bitch Bubba…everyone made my night a memorable one. Thanks boys!

The Birth of a Cup-Snake.

I arrived at the ballpark just as the 2nd inning was starting. On the short walk from my car, I was checking Twitter and came across this picture tweeted out by Bossman updating everyone on how it was going. I started to think our snake may end up looking more like a Cup-Caterpillar:

Please tell me those are all just Journalist Jake’s and not all the cups we have.

Well, that’s not a great start, I thought. Then section 239 kicked it up a notch, increased our beer consumption and things started to take shape. The sections next to us started to notice and were nice enough to contribute to our little science project.

It Takes a Village to Build a Proper Cup-Snake.

People started coming from all over the stadium bringing us cups. I particularly want to single out the hero that showed up and gave us what must have been about another 6 feet or so of cup-snake. As the snake started to take shape, basically the entire stadium started to notice the large group of drunk jackasses having the time of their life stackin cups like fuckin’ gangsters.

After a couple of failed attempts, we got our mission accomplished. I’m not exactly sure how long it was, or how many rows it covered, but the picture below shows the majestic Cup-Snake in its natural environment…being help up by a bunch of drunks at a baseball game.

Special Thanks to @Brad_Rempel – Director of Photography for @gophersports

That’s one helluva picture right there, with Brad capturing everyone in a state of insane, delusional happiness perfectly. And all of that joy was created by a little teamwork and a lot of cups.

We Bribed a Camera Man to Get Us on The Jumbotron

Around the 4th inning, Bossman and Wags received inside information that a specific cameraman would be willing to capture our greatness on the jumbotron in exchange for a Gatorade. Like the great leaders they are they sprung into action. After some debate of which color Gatorade to buy the boys settled on blue, a classic yet safe choice.

After acquiring the goods they then went to the prearranged meeting location to finalize the deal. A big crowd of people were standing around the cameraman and the Twins in-game host who just wrapped up recording a bit with a fan. The cameraman eventually spotted us and yelled over the crowd.

“You guys the beer snake guys?”


“You got the Gatorade?”

*Tosses him Gatorade

“Hell yeah boys, I’ll be in 239 right when the 7th ends”

And just like that the boys locked up the 7th for 10k to be on the jumbotron and we rode that momentum all the way to the largest beer snake Target Field has seen to date.

But was all of this just really harmless fun?

First, we were visited by Security Guard Steve. Upon arrival, Steve was greeted with a chorus of boos. However, Steve was so damn cool about it, as he left section 239, he was cheered like the hero that he was.

Or were we on the verge of creating a complete state of anarchy at Target Field? Anarchy that would spread like a snake-shaped virus across the Minnesota landscape, reducing everything in its path to ash. We would soon discover that Target Field security was definitely trying to limit the body count caused by the section 239 cup-snake.

They seemed to come out of nowhere and surrounded us like cranky old Stormtroopers wearing matching red polos, cargo shorts, and looks of disdain. One of them even had his phone out to record….you know, in case the bullets…I mean “cups” started flying and bodies started dropping.

Once we saw them, everyone let the boo birds rain shit down upon their heads. And I know what you’re possibly saying to yourself. “Bakko, those guys were just doing their jobs.”

My response: “So were we.” We were working fuckin overtime bro. Those pictures don’t lie.

And last, but Certainly Not Least…

A special thanks to the man with a sometimes thankless job behind the camera.

Jack Mason was everywhere last night, as he usually is. He gets the pleasure of recording all of the shenanigans us dingleberries at 10k Takes manage to do. Which it turns out is mostly just a bunch of shitty softball play and footage of Jake getting lit up like a Christmas Tree on copious amounts of Lite Beer.

Which is the way it should be.

Again, a big humungous giant thanks from ALL of us. Can’t wait to do it all over again.