Packers Rookie Makes the Ultimate Rookie Move

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Former Burnsville Blaze, Golden Gopher, and current Green Bay Packers Rookie, Kamal Martin let everyone know he was rubbing one out on Saturday when he shared a link to an Adult Film featuring two beloved MILFS Brandi Love and Cori Chase.

After watching his Gophers get creamed by Iowa on Friday night, it looks like he turned to Reddit to watch Brandi and Cori get creamed on Saturday. I’m not the biggest Reddit guy myself, it seems like a bit of a rookie move but to share the link on your twitter account might be a next level rookie move. Either way, you cant blame the guy, he was just trying to get ready for his big game against Jacksonville on Sunday.

Hey, we all make mistakes but it’s the ones who learn from them that separate themselves from everyone else. I don’t know if he learned from it, but he definitely will not be making the same mistake twice as he then deleted his entire account altogether. Kamal has been having a solid rookie season for a 5th round pick, I guess it’s no longer a secret how he gets ready for the big game.