Panthers Get Revenge In Another Thriller?

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Two weeks ago the Panthers lost in a thriller against the Falcons. The Falcons escaped thanks to a missed extra point, and 32 yard FG by Panthers kicker Eddy Pineiro.

In his defense the extra point was from 48 yards because DJ Moore decided to take his helmet off after making this “game saving” play.

Before we dive into there matchup this week, we unfortunately have to go through my bets last week. Short and sweet just like last week because YIKES.

1. Texans +14 (2U)

Mannnnn I wish every bet was this easy. Yes it got a little scary at the end, but other then that this bet never had loser written on it. Good thing I threw two units on this bet, because it’s the only winner I had.

2. Miles Sanders U81.5 Yards (1.5U)

Me trying to be smart backfires, Shocker! Imagine betting the under when Derrick Henry just pounced them the week before for 219 yards… and Jacobs the week before when he totaled 143 yards. He only totaled 93 yards rushing but this bet was a loser in the 3rd Quarter. Stupid Stupid STUPID bet.

Note to Self: Trying to be smart usually doesn’t work to well.

3. Longest FG O46.5 (1.5U)

“How often do we go two TNF games without a 47 yard FG or higher? If you want a answer it’s only happened in consecutive weeks once this year.”

-Me last week

Make that two times on the year. We had our chance before halftime but Jake Elliott was unable to make the 54 yard FG. Nothing much else to say about my bets other then I need to reset and figure my shit out.

Week 9 Results- (-1 Unit)

Betting Preview

Winning bets requires positivity, no more negativity out of me no matter how ugly this gets. We went 1-2 last week dropping our season record to -6.6 Units.

Both of these teams will be looking to bounce back from losses to keep themselves in the thick of the NFC South. The Panthers got walloped last week against the Bengals, thanks to Joe Mixon having 5 TD’s. The Falcons found themselves playing yet another close game, falling to the Chargers thanks to a last second FG by Cameron Dicker.

Here’s my three best bets for this important week 10 between the Panthers and Falcons.

1. O48.5 Longest FG, -110 (2.5U)

What are the odds we go three straight TNF’s without a long FG? Thankfully my self induced suspension is up next week which allows me to bet my turnover/first score FG prop again. We have two kickers who can hit the long FG’s but my tingly senses are saying YoungHoe Koo will nail a 54 yard’er before the half to cash this bet. Don’t hesitate, remember before this week we have only had it miss consecutive weeks once, no way it misses three weeks in a row right?

Disclaimer: I haven’t won a FG bet in 4 weeks… which is why I’m nuking this one.

2. Panthers +3, -110 (1.5U)

P.J Walker revenge game after his kicker couldn’t win him the game two weeks ago. The Falcons are frauds the only problem here is Mariota plays out of his mind during week 10.

My original gut was saying Falcons but I switched because the Panthers are going to win this game. Yes he’s played great but the sample size is only three games. Maybe they win by 2 and we still cover. Lots of outcomes but I’m riding with the underdog for the third straight week. We all know the Falcons aren’t winning this division over the Bucs, the downfall starts on Thursday.

The Panthers also are debuting there blackout jerseys. No way they don’t cover in them.

3. D.J Moore O58.5 Yards, -105 (1.5U) & Terrance Marshall JR O35.5 Yards, -110 (1.5U) & Marcus Mariota O1.5 TD, +175 (1U)

Three bets turns into 6 bets real fast when you start looking at player props. If I only have three headings that means it’s only “three bets” correct? P.J Walker threw for 317 yards two weeks ago against this modest Falcons secondary. D.J Moore was responsible for 152 of those, while Terrance Marshall added 87 himself. It’s tough to bet only one of them so why not just bet both? I’m expecting both of the receivers to break past these, but one of them cashing is a 99% guarantee.

I’m also going to be stabbing at the O1.5 TD prop for Mariota. In his three week 10 games he has thrown 7 TD’s.. He also threw for three TD’s against this Panthers defense two weeks ago which was a season high. Take this as quick as you can because I’m guessing the odds will get closer to even money at game time.

Panthers WR DJ Moore.


Just in case you didn’t count, yes I have 8 Units deployed this week.. How else do you get out of the -6.6 Unit hole you dug yourself? TBH I’m not sure my unit is even my unit size anymore for these, all my bets usually end up being 1.5U because I’m trying to dig outta this damn hole.

If you were smart enough to read my bio it says to fade any sports bets I post about. Hopefully you all took my advice and have found yourself up money.

The bad news for you faders is we are only half way done with the football season and I’m not slowing down one bit.

I’ve listened to this every day this week. “Vegas has had us in the first half, I’m not gonna lie, we aren’t defeated but they had us” those are words I keep repeating to myself. He then goes on to say all it took was guts and an attitude. Don’t fail me viral video, I’m bringing my guts by deploying 8 Units just so I can hopefully 100% dig myself out of this hole. He then says “you have to do it for yourself and do it for others”. IDK if anyone rides these picks every single week with me but I like to believe someone out there is doing it. This is for that person imaginary or not, it’s our week too strike back, surprise!

Closing Statements

Cheers to another TNF blog, hopefully next week we can we celebrating a huge week. We were unable to set sail last week but this week will be different.

To everyone riding my picks, I bet them too and hate losing more then anything. We found the crystal ball lady and she gave us some luck and now we have found inspiring words that have changed our attitude. Vegas ur our b*t*h this Thursday whether you like it or not.

Good luck to everyone unless you decided to fade me.