Pat Bev is on a Hating Tour

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Last week, Pat Bev was on Get Up and First Take and went on an absolute hating tour, mainly going after Chris Paul.

Pat Bev and CP3 have some history, so Bev put on his Sunday best and went on national TV to rip CP3 and talk about ball. Pat just went off, and there isn’t much I can say about it that would do it justice, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy these clips.

Then Matt Barnes comes along and thinks he’s doing something ripping Bev, isn’t this the guy who drove 90 miles to try to beat Derek Fisher’s ass?

Then Danny Green came along and said some incorrect stuff too.

Bev and Green said after this they had mutual respect for each other, so it is what it is.

Is Bev very unlikeable? He’s very unlikeable IF he isn’t on your team. But he’s on my squad so I can only laugh at all this stuff he does, it gets reactions, and that is what he wants. Fuck it I’ll say it, I love Pat Bev.

All this stuff was really funny and probably will put a target on our back next year, but being the villain is fun.