Pat Maroon: The NHL’s Unapologetic, Ass-Kicking Giant


ICYMI the Minnesota Wild traded for Pat Maroon this past weekend and you should be pumped!

Wild fans, there’s no way you can’t be utterly gobsmacked by the raw power and bulldozer-like resilience that Pat Maroon brings to the ice. His Herculean might and ironclad spirit make Maroon the NHL’s equivalent of a hockey-stick-wielding Godzilla.

No way you’re not buying one of these

Standing tall at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing in at a solid 234 pounds, Maroon isn’t just a man, he’s a mountain on skates. But don’t let his physical presence be the only thing that blows you away. Friends, Maroon is more than just muscle; he’s a forward with skills so fine, they’d make a Swiss watchmaker envious. Additionally, his unique mix of size, strength, and skill has turned him into the boogeyman of the attacking zone, giving opposing goalies nightmares on a regular basis.

Moments of Sheer Bad-Assness

A Guy Just Being A Guy

A Beast to be Reckoned With

Pat Maroon is a beast, plain and simple. If the NHL was a circus, he’d be the lion you wouldn’t dare to stick your head in its mouth. The guy’s extraordinary blend of size, skill, and strength, spiced up with a dash of doggedness and a pinch of perseverance has made him one of the league’s most daunting players. Also, his mark on the ice and in the locker room is a glowing tribute to his legacy in the NHL. Whether he’s netting a game-changing goal or firing up his comrades, Maroon is a monster.