Petition to Make ‘Higher’ the New Wild Goal Song


After that mess of a game, the Vikings have officially now won FIVE games in a row. All of them without Jefferson and two of them without Kirk which means they’re now 5-0 in the Creed era.

I know the Wild goal song is already top 5 in the league, but we cannot deny what is going on here. We must capitalize now.

Is Creed the Answer?!

I’ve been saying it for weeks now. There’s something incredibly suspicious about what’s going on with Creed and it’s high time other Minnesota teams take advantage of it. Teams just don’t lose when they play Creed, plain and simple. The Rangers are World Series champs and the 1-4 Vikings are now 6-4 on their way to a spot in the playoffs. Why would any other team not adopt Creed as their anthem? The facts are indisputable at this point, and the Wild are in a prime spot to jump on the Scott Stapp wagon.

Now, I love ‘Shout’ as the Wild goal song as much as the next guy, but it’s no secret that the team has had a little bit of a bumpy start to the season. Making the switch to ‘Higher’ as the new goal song just might give the team the extra juice they need to right the ship and start rattling off some wins. Let’s get that Creed witchcraft drenched all over this team and see what happens. Judging by the band’s track record, the rest of the league would be absolutely fucked.

In all honesty, ‘Higher’ is a pure, unadulterated banger and would actually fit pretty well as a goal song. Just imagine being 11 tall boys deep at a Wild game after Kirill goes top titty in the slot for an OT win. All the fellas are going tarps off. Everyone sings “CAN YOU TAKE ME HIGHER” in unison. And there’s not a dry eye in the building. I’m slightly aroused just thinking about it.

I need it, and I need it now. Let’s make this change ASAP and ride our sweet boy Stapp all the way to Lord Stanley.