Picking Every MLB Division Winner For 2023.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the MLB season is officially upon us. The 162-game season can get long at times, but with a quick 2-hour drive down 35W you can find yourself placing futures bets at Diamond Jo Casino right across the Iowa border.

Today I will walk into that barn casino that I love so much. Is this the year I finally hit my Twins’ future? I sure hope so! Here are my 6 division winners + a couple of other MLB betting props.


  1. Cleveland Guardians +130
  2. Minnesota Twins +200
  3. Chicago White Sox +260
  4. Detroit Tigers +2500
  5. Kansas City Royals +3500

We’ll start with the easiest bet of my MLB season. The Twins will win the AL Central with EASE this year, as the Guardians finally shit the bed completely. I’m more worried about the Tigers than the White Sox, so if you don’t want to bet the Twins sprinkle some on Detroit for that random ass team of the year.

My Bet: Twins +200

The new stadium changes, might as well add a banner right?


  1. New York Yankees +125
  2. Toronto Blue Jays +185
  3. Tampa Bay Rays +350
  4. Boston Red Sox +2000
  5. Baltimore Orioles +2500

Talk about a loaded division. To all Twins fans, thank god we aren’t in this division. The Yankees will self-implode and not win the division. You never know with the Jays, and I always doubt the Rays as I will again this year. The Orioles are temping but I just don’t see it happening. That leaves us with the team that always seems to randomly explode for a year. The Boston Red Sox. The odds are great at +2000, and I think they will at least give you a hedging opportunity down the line. Ultimately I will be betting on the Blue Jays to win this division as I think they have the most complete team and best value.

For the record I am sprinkling on the Sox as an AL East winner as well.

My Bet: Blue Jays +185


  1. Houston Astros -200
  2. Seattle Mariners +350
  3. Los Angeles Angles +750
  4. Texas Rangers +1000
  5. Oakland Athletics +25,000

The team most likely to win their division? The 2022 World Series Champs, the Houston Astros. Do they repeat? Probably. But at those odds, we would never touch them. The Mariners are another one of those teams that could regress, or keep moving forward from their success last year. The Angles have the two best players in baseball, but yet still sit at +750, crazy. Meanwhile, the Rangers get DeGrom and have spent a gazillion dollars it seems but sit at +1000? Crazy. Fuck The A’s and their pathetic ass franchise.

Angels or Rangers? Best value, and the only two teams I’m considering in this division. I think I’m leaning Angels just based on the fact I want to see Trout and Ohtani in this playoffs for once.

My Bet: Angels +750


  1. St. Louis Cardinals -140
  2. Milwaukee Brewers +180
  3. Chicago Cubs +650
  4. Cincinnati Reds +6000
  5. Pittsburgh Pirates +6000

Yawn. In my opinion, this is the most boring division in baseball teams wise. The Cardinals are always sick, but I just hate the Brewers/Cubs/Reds so much for no real reason. The Cardinals should win this division, and I really think they will. The Brewers are on the list for non-trustworthy teams, even though they always seem to compete every year. The Cubs signed a couple of good players which will keep the fighting in the Wild Card battle. The Reds & Pirates? Just two teams that’ll be playing their minor leaguers come July.

The Cardinals take this division by 10+ games.

My Bet: Cardinals -140


  1. Atlanta Braves +105
  2. New York Mets +170
  3. Philadelphia Phillies +350
  4. Miami Marlins +4500
  5. Washington Nationals +25,000

This division screams chaos. The Braves hold the best odds, but why bet them now when you can bet them at way better odds in June when they are down 10+ games like every year? Frank The Tank’s Mets will be just fine without Edwin Diaz. And the Phillies just are sitting there, begging to get picked at +350. Marlins & Nationals? No chance. Not quite sure which way I will lean once I get to the booth tomorrow, the Phillies only got better with their FA acquisitions, but yet again this Mets team is loaded.

Coin Flip Time (best outta 7)

  • Heads = Mets
  • Tails = Phillies

Heads, Heads, Heads, Tails, Tails, Heads.

My Bet: Mets +170

Best Video??


  1. LA Dodgers -125
  2. SD Padres +125
  3. San Francisco Giants +1100
  4. Arizona Diamondbacks +4500
  5. Colorado Rockies +15,000

Won’t spend much time on this one either because it’s a two-team battle. I don’t see any world where I don’t ride with the Padres. So electric, do you see the team they have? My MLB TV account will be watching as many Padres games as I can this year. The wallet will also be depending on them pretty heavily.

My Bet: SD Padres +125

Extra MLB Props

  • Best Regular Season Record: St.Louis Cardinals +2700
  • Most Home Runs Hit: O’Neill Cruz +8000
  • Most Stolen Bases: Bobby Witt Jr +1300
  • AL & NL Cy Young: Pablo Lopez +5500 (AL) & Yu Darvish +3200 (NL)
  • WORLD SERIES CHAMPION: St Louis Cardinals +2000

Looks like a blog full of winners, am I right? 6 months from now I’ll be able to tell you if that’s still the case. The new rules should increase the excitement for this upcoming baseball season. Saddle up.

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