Pour One Out For Tyson Jost

Hockey Wild

Acquired at the Deadline

The Minnesota Wild made a couple of moves at the NHL trade deadline. The first was acquiring forward Tyson Jost from the Colorado Avalanche for Forward Nico Sturm. At the time of the move, I would imagine both parties were happy as they both imagined a bump in ice time coming their way. Fast forward nearly three months and Sturm is raising the Cup while Jost is watching with the rest of us.

Tyson Jost has to hate Minnesota

Listen, I love this place. But man do we suck at sports for the majority of the time. Getting traded to a state of perpetual losers has to make you despise this place. One moment you’re fighting for ice time on the best team in hockey. The next you’re getting bounced in the first round wondering how in the hell you ended up here. Minnesota is the ultimate seller of hope with every fan waiting for next season in hopes it may be different. Lather, rinse, repeat. The Vikings miss the playoffs every other year and the Wolves cant fight their way out of a wet paper bag most years. Meanwhile, the Twins haven’t won a playoff game since burning a CD was the best way to listen to music. We just can’t win the big one and until a miracle happens we may never see a core 4 team lift a trophy.

Tyson Jost vs Joe Sakic

I get that Hockey is a business and we hear it all the time. “It’s nothing personal” and “Everyone gets traded”. Our own General Manager Bill Guerin loves using those lines. That doesn’t mean it makes it sting a little less, It’s gotta feel horrible. The first thing I’m doing after I see the Avs lift the trophy up is lighting a paper bag of white dog shit, throwing it on Joe Sakic’s step, and knocking until he answers the door. Then I’m calling up rough and rowdy and asking him to square up in some no-name city in West Virginia.

Lastly, Nico owes Tyson a Beer

For the most part, Nico Sturm doesn’t play a part in any of this besides getting traded by the wild. But at the very least he needs to take him out one night as a thank you for helping him win a Stanley Cup. For Tyson, he played with the majority of those players for the last couple of years and it just really has to suck. He obviously is happy that his friends get to celebrate. Just knowing how close he was has to be that much worse.