Power Ranking Minnesota’s Big 4 Head Coaches

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I’ve decided to rank the 4 major sports head coaches in the Twin Cities in different categories.

Coach I would want on my team in a fight

  1. Dean Evason
  2. Rocco Baldelli
  3. Kevin O’Connell
  4. Chris Finch

This one was pretty easy. Evason is from Western Canada and played in the WHL. That league is full of strong farm kids from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Evason also has 1000 penalty minutes while playing in the NHL. While he doesn’t have the height of Baldelli and KOC, he has a chip on his shoulder and is much scrappier. Baldelli is ahead of OC simply because of their place of birth. Woonsocket, Rhode Island sounds like a tougher place to grow up than Knoxville, Tennessee.

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Coach to Play a Round of Golf With

  1. Dean Evason
  2. KOC
  3. Finch
  4. Rocco

If you doubt my pick, just read this profile from Russo at The Athletic about Evason. The guy is obsessed with golf and is a 2-3 handicap. Not only will he be good at golf, if I know hockey guys correctly, he will be able to do it all while having a few adult beverages and telling stories from his time in the show. I took KOC next because he just looks like he would be good at golf. 6’5 and probably has a silky smooth swing. Finch takes #3 just because Rocco has ruined the Twins.

Coach to Introduce to the Family

  1. KOC
  2. Finch
  3. Evason
  4. Rocco

KOC may have been born in Tennessee, but he is a West Coast kid. He 100% woke up early to catch big waves in Carlsbad, probably had a healthy shake for lunch then went and did yoga on the beach. I am genuinely shocked he doesn’t rock a Puka shell necklace on the sidelines now. Finch just seems like a chill guy from a small Pennsylvania town. I’d like to bring Evason back to the house but if his wires cross like the old WHL days he will get tossed from the house. Finally, Rocco. Just way too good-looking to be bringing around the house. You know his friends hated having him come over because all the moms loved him. I’m sure his friends still feel that way but now with their wives.

Final Rankings Scores (1st Place = 4 Points)

  1. Dean Evason 10 points
  2. KOC 9 points
  3. C-Finch 6 points
  4. Rocco 5 points