Prepare For Golf Season

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The long-awaited Minnesota golf season is finally here and for golf enthusiasts, it’s time to dust off those clubs and hit the course! However, before you head out to the greens, there are a few things you should do to prepare for the season. Here are some tips to help you get ready.

Clean Clubs

Before hitting the course, it’s important to ensure your clubs are clean. There is no reason to play with dirty clubs anytime, let alone to start your golf season. You don’t have to get as elaborate as the video above but you best be cleaning those clubs. Put a little elbow grease into it too. Get in there nice and deep like.

Stock Up On Golf Balls

It’s time to check your ego at the door and stock up on golf balls to prepare for this golf season. Each year I stock up on 48 brand-new golf balls and lose every single one of them throughout the season. Need to get myself a Costco card this year for those Kirkland balls.

Check Range Finder Batteries

Friendly reminder to check your range finder batteries. You’re probably good to go but you don’t want to find out on the course. Also, if you don’t have a range finder you better have some other type of GPS device. One of the easiest ways to improve your golf game that you can just buy. I can’t think of anything else that I can say that about besides when I got fitted at 2nd Swing for my clubs. I literally had no idea that I was playing with a woman’s set and was basically swinging with a pool noodle.

Get New Grips

Getting new golf grips is like putting on brand-new socks every day, it’s the fucking best. I’m guilty of not swapping out my grips every season but this year I’m a new man. You probably don’t need to do this every year but all the pros do, just saying…

Pack Snacks

As a golf league veteran, I can’t stress enough how important it is to pack snacks in your golf bag. Golf can be a long, grueling sport, especially if you’re playing a full 18. Make sure you’re prepared by stocking up! And I’m not just talking about a granola bar here. We’re talking about a full-on picnic basket. Sandwiches, chips, the works, including beer. It should be illegal to be on the golf course without an adult beverage.

Create Your “Utility” Bag

The most underrated thing to do to prepare for this golf season is to add a “utility” bag. What is a utility bag? It’s essentially the “junk drawer” in your house but it’s in a special pocket in your golf bag. Mine consists of tees, ball markers, pencils, a black Sharpie, a lighter, a cigar cutter and the tool to adjust my driver head.

So there ya have it folks, Follow these simple tips and you’ll be ready to play the exact same way you always play… Shitty. But! Just remember to have fun and refrain from the infamous putter throw. After all, it’s just a game… right?