Preseason Football is like a Fine Wine… It Gets Better With Age

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mike tice and brock lesnar
Remember these two awesome dudes?

When I think of preseason football I think initially of being a kid and comparing to a Sunday with the Grandparents. By that, I mean there were probably going to be a few minutes of fun, but for the most part it was going to be as entertaining as watching paint dry. As I get older, though, I realized the preseason gives us a chance to evaluate how the front office did completing our wishlist.

Audie Cole – Preseason Legend

Preseason Playmakers

Audie Cole, Rodney Smith, Taylor Heinicke, and preseason legend Kyle Sloter all come to mind when I think of preseason playmakers. There are plenty of pros and cons for preseason, but I believe that there are enough good plays to hold us over until the real games begin. For the most part, there are going to be guys who will never see the field in the NFL. Here in Minnesota we have seen the process of a UDFA to one of the top WR’s in the league, with that it has made me pay more attention to these games to see if anyone else has a chance to make that leap.

“Hi, I’m a Wide Receiver but I’m playing Quarterback today.”

Pros And Cons of Preseason Football

Wasted reps. Beneficial reps. Both are possible in Preseason. Looking at it through the eyes of rookies who have a chance to contribute, those are reps that I am interested in. Now, the guys who have no business getting reps, it can get long and exhausting. Personally, I am for Preseason. I do think 3 games is the maximum, because 4 games is exhausting just to think about.

Apparently Justin Jefferson (18) didn’t need Preseason.

Why the Vikings need Preseason Football

We consistently hear about how complicated Coach Zimmer’s defense can be, even for the veterans. With all of the new young faces in the Secondary last season not having Preseason showed up in Week 1. After giving up 40+ to Aaron Rodgers and Packers, it gave us all a preview of what was to come. This year will do nothing but benefit this team. To have OTA’s, Mini-Camp followed by Training Camp, capped off with Preseason, could be what propels them back to relevance in the NFC.

Here’s The Full 2021 Minnesota Vikings Preseason Schedule – WCCO | CBS Minnesota (