Problems In America, Why The Fuck Is Beef Jerky So Expensive?

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Obviously, America has a stupid amount of problems, but one problem that does not get talked about enough is the fucking price of beef jerky. I mean come on, why is it that you can literally buy 10 candy bars for the price of 1 bag of beef jerky. Everyone knows that beef jerky fucks, so why don’t we fucking do something about it. It is getting to the point where if a presidential candidate promised to lower beef jerky prices I would vote for them. I am counting on you America.

The average price for a high-end brand of beef jerky is $2.90 an ounce… let that sink in. That is about the same price as a gallon of gas. Everyone is enraged about gas prices right now, why aren’t we flipping out about jerky prices. Also, it seems like the shitty beef jerky is the same price as the expensive shit. Someone explain that to me please…

As much as I hate the price of beef jerky, I will never stop buying it. Which is why the price will probably never drop because beef jerky companies know that it will continue to fly off the shelves.

Beef Jerky belongs in a very coveted group.




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