Quarterback Trade Prospects That Could Save the Vikings Season

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If you heard a collective scream around the state of Minnesota Sunday afternoon, you probably know it’s because of the Achilles injury that Kirk Cousins suffered against the Packers. Some might argue that this never would have happened if the NFL made all fields artificial turf, but anyway. With the Vikings back at .500 for the first time this year, Justin Jefferson will be eligible to return from the IR soon. We’ve also gotten through the hardest part of our schedule, and most of the divisional games are ahead of us. The season may not yet be a lost cause, and here are some exciting quarterback trade prospects that could save it (or at least be really funny while they try).

Honorable Mention: Jaren Hall

Jaren Hall throwing a pass

The simplest answer would obviously be to go with the QB that’s already on our roster, a 5th round rookie named Jaren Hall. The BYU product has great athleticism and was exciting in college but isn’t anyone’s pick to be the face of the franchise. This might be the most likely answer, but it’s less exciting than our other options. Let’s take a look at who we could go after if we want to let him continue to marinate…

Taylor Heinicke

Taylor Heinicke throwing a pass

If the Falcons are going to continue not using their playmakers, maybe we take one off their hands. Heinicke is a proper gun slinger, which made him a boom or bust guy in Washington. Sure, we’d probably be looking at more interceptions, but with a receiving core made up of Jefferson, Addison, KJ, TJ, and Powell, you’ve gotta think he’ll make some plays for us.

Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston eating a W

Similar logic, the Saints have one of the funniest players in the NFL rotting away on their bench. Let’s get this man in purple and go along for the ride. With half the season remaining, I bet we can get at least 20 TDs and 20 INTs before the playoffs start. This is as fun of a quarterback trade prospect as you can find.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady as a Viking

This is wishful thinking, but imagine the goat comes out of retirement to bring us our first championship? It’d be a story that’s too far-fetched for Madden. He’s also got a sweet media deal with Fox coming up, so he’s probably not going to put that on hold to spend a winter in Eagan on a .500 team. But what if he did…

Case Keenum

Case Keenum, Minneapolis Miracle year

C’mon, you know you want to see what would happen.

Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy 2 Gloves

Going even deeper into Vikings lore, this would be perhaps the greatest homecoming ever seen. The man who was supposed to take us to the promise land, coming back to the place where his knee exploded and sent his career into one of the greatest journeyman roles in recent memory. I can’t lie, this one might get me to cry if it works.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, pre-injury

He’s further along the recovery path, and it would only accelerate the Brett Favre career path. We’ll get him eventually either way, so we might as well skip to the part where he’s a world-beater in purple. Plus, he already hates the Packers, so he’ll be a perfect fit.

Brett Favre

No Brett Favre