Quit Selling Your God Damn Dogecoin!

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A dollar or bust. That’s still the ultimate goal for Dogecoin. Even after Doge Day fell flat. What is Doge Day? Why a dollar? Who’s to blame? Let’s take a quick look through the craziness that has been Dogecoin’s week. Either way, quit selling your god damn Dogecoin!

Dogecoin Recap

Remember back in January when the world was introduced to the world of r/WallStreetBets and insane cryptocurrency? Who doesn’t?

Many of us, myself included, got in on the action. Not through GameStop or AMC, though. Through Dogecoin. The obscure and useless crypto currency that was hovering at fractions of a cent before rocketing to .07¢ in late January.

dogecoin spike

This is not why I am writing this, though. Instead, this is about the most recent and highly noticeable spike in Dogecoin’s value. With many popular Dogecoin supporters wanting massive payouts from the crypto, they have begun pushing for the currency to climb above the .05¢ mark. The ultimate goal? $1.00 and beyond.

Dogecoin to the Moon

As the popular saying goes among Dogecoin enthusiasts, “Dogecoin to the Moon!”

Taking it to the moon started to become a reality this week. With 4/20 rolling around the corner, popular Dogecoin followers began using the hashtags #DogeDay and #Doge420. All of this was aimed to promote the day for “Doge Day”. An effort to launch the rocketing crypto into the stratosphere.

This all came after the crypto surged to a record .47¢ and was making us all believe in something greater than ourselves for once! But that has once again been halted by a mixture of issues compounding on top of each other.

Losing the Battle. Not the War.

After briefly reaching that high on April 19th, it hasn’t come back since. Sure it’s been less than a week and the crypto is still being traded around .30¢ (up from the .05¢ range). But it’s still frustrating to see. Especially after sitting pretty with an over 400% increase in portfolio value in a day.

dogecoin peak

Whether it was people seeing the massive spike in price and selling off shares or individuals in the financial industry pushing narratives about Dogecoin that weren’t the best. Maybe the artificial push on social media didn’t help the cause either…

Whatever it was, people need to stop selling! Have some diamond hands and some courage to sit on something for once! The whole point of buying Doge is to sit on it. Let the value rise. Maybe sell off a tiny bit when it jumps just so you can reinvest. But whatever you do…DON’T PULL OUT COMPLETELY!

We may have lost this battle. Yet we have yet to lose the war. DOGECOIN TO THE MOON!