Baker To The Rescue? Raiders @ Rams Best Bets.

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Another week, another TNF blog. Before we dive into the Raiders @ Rams let’s take a look back at yet another losing week.

Let me start off by saying these are a lot more fun when I’m talking about winning bets, not losing bets.

1. Bills 1H -3, -110 (1U)

Before I talk about this winner, let me first get out some frustration. Last week guess what hit? Yup you guessed it, both the first score FG AND first turnover fumble hit. Right after we give it up forever, it just slaps us in the face. The Bills covered this bet defeating the Patriots in the 1H 17-7. 1-0 to start the night, but feeling like a complete loser knowing both of my favorite bets would have cashed before the half.

Had to throw this video in because WOW he’s fast.

2. Mac Jones O9.5 Rushing Yards -110 (1.5U)

Mac Jones sucks. He’s getting carried by an overpowered defense and one of the best head coaches of all time. Bailey Zappe was everything the Patriots needed, but they couldn’t stand the thought of benching their “Pro Bowl” QB from last year. Mac only ran for 7 yards. Nothing really to say other than have fun being a starter this year Mac, we won’t be saying the same thing next year.

3. Diggs O6.5 Receptions +110 (1.5U), Jonnu Smith O13.5 -110 (1.5U)

Thank god Diggs got that 7th reception otherwise we were smoked. Jonnu Smith is a bum, he blocks and runs routes for absolute no reason. The good news I can take out of this is we hit the plus money bet. The bad news we finished the night 2-2 for -.4 Units. Didn’t dig the hole much deeper, also didn’t help ourselves out in anyway.

Losing .4 Units last week wasn’t the worse thing in the world! Now our season record is down to a perfect -6 Units right on the dot. Bounce back week? Yes plz.

Betting Preview

This Thursday, the Raiders head into LA to take on the defending Super Bowl champs. If you showed this Rams team what their season would hold 6 months ago, they would look at you crazy. But yet here we are with the defending champs holding an abysmal record of 3-9. If you thought the barn wasn’t already burning, look who they decided to bring in to potentially play this Thursday.

What a sick joke. Honestly makes this game more entertaining but Baker Mayfield is quickly on his way to becoming the next Tim Tebow. If you didn’t think that was bad enough, just remember what might be in store on Christmas Day.

I’m 99% sure this isn’t what the NFL was expecting when they booked this game.

On another note, we get to watch the best receiver in the league play against Jalen Ramsey. And nothing is stopping Davante Adams.

Onwards to the bets.. here’s my best bets for this weird week 14 matchup.

1. Raiders -3.5 1H, -110 (2U)

Last week the Bills cashed as 1H road favorites, and I expect this week to be no different. The Rams have no idea who their starting QB is, and this Raiders team is hungry for a playoff spot. Look for the Raiders to jump early on this injured Rams team, carrying a huge lead into halftime.

Raiders-WR D. ADAMS.

2. Josh Jacobs U88.5 Rushing Yards, -110 (2U)

Although the Rams have struggled, the one thing they have going is their ability to stop the run. They haven’t allowed over this number to one player since CMC did it Week 8. That was the only week someone has eclipsed this 88.5 mark and CMC only ran for 94 total. Jacobs has been on a tear lately, going for 144, 229, and 109 yards over his past three games. This week marks the start of a tough stretch for Jacobs who also has somehow managed to not get hurt this year. Look for Jacobs to struggle even while the Raiders succeed. I’m 1-0 on my Under bets for RB’s jump on the train now before this becomes a trend.

3. Raiders -6 -110 (1U)

Nothing complicated this week, just going with the easy picks. Part of that might be because there’s barely any bets available as I type this, but obviously things couldn’t get much worse then before. I’m assuming all the money will be pouring in on the Raiders unless Baker starts and people truly believe in that dweeb. The Raiders have to win and I think they win this game handily. We all know they love one score games, but this seems like the week they finally don’t have to sweat. Don’t overthink and take the Raiders with the points.

Closing Statement

Last week didn’t go as planned, but we flip to a new week. Like I said above, there’s not many bets currently out so I decided to just place double the amount of units on each bet. I’m either digging this hole 6 feet or finding my way out. 3-0 would go a long ways.

The faders probably lost money last week to which means Vegas one less than .5 Units off both of us, Haha. Three bet’s all with the same odds… one way has to win this week.

To my riders, remember: it’s a marathon, not a sprint.