Ranking the Top Minnesota HS Football Helmet

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I’m back on my bullshit bringing you another opinionated accurate blog about some of the best looking high schools that exist out there. Now I broke the internet and had numerous cities pissed at me over the high school hockey blog, but lucky for you unlike hockey players, football guys are relatively simple. When it comes to high school, a football helmet is the one instance where a school/organization can really shine through. As you know football players need to have their massive number/name on the jersey because it’s a “we” sport.

Now I need to give a special shoutout to The Minnesota High School Helmet project for being an unreal source for this.

HS Football Helmet Criteria

When it comes to these helmets I’m primarily looking for uniqueness. If anyone comes at me with “some obscure D1 college in Utah wears this same logo!” I won’t be hearing an ounce of it. After all I couldn’t even tell you who is in the NFC or the AFC. One thing as a hockey player I do know though, is sty(le).

WOAT Helmet 1 & 2

No clue what the hell Ogilvie and Milaca got going on here. Hands down some of the ugliest football helmets/logos I may have ever seen. Hell a simple letter would’ve outdone these cave paintings. Hire a graphic designer, not an art student tripping on LSD.

#10 Football Helmet: Sartell

I wanted to actually put Blaine here to be entirely honest, but I apparently have a soft spot for the city of Sartell. Desite the fact that I’ve never heard of or visited the city, they cracked both my lists. The sabre through the S is an unreal setup, and after watching Hard Knocks, how can you not love that blue.

#9 Football helmet: Esko

I mean, name another city/team that can just simply toss a living structure on a helmet and make it work? You wouldn’t see a 3 bed room condo on a helmet, but an igloo just fucking rules. It’s potentially the least badass logo on here, but that’s what makes it perfect.

#8 Football Helmet: Jordan

Not only does this team have a sick color scheme, but a nasty logo and what the hell is a Hubmen? Either way you have some cowboy with a KOC jawline, and Thor’s hammer. If you don’t love this helmet, you’re either Jordan’s rival, or a moron. (Who is Jordan’s rival?)

#7 Football Helmet: Mountain Iron-Buhl

Pickaxes and a football. There is literally nothing else that can show you are there to go to work more than this logo. The only way they can out alpha this logo is to go full Washington on the bit and just call yourself the football team.

#6 Football Helmet: Wabasha Kellog

Birds play and that’s a fact. The chrome style cage on the front is a great call. This is also shockingly miles better than their actual logo on picture #2. This could’ve gone really poorly and they slayed out.

#5 Football Helmet: Prior Lake

This is where I expect to get some heat from most people as Prior Lake is not the only team to rock this logo. However they are the only ones who did this right. The matte navy helmet and the chrome style logo on the helmet make it pop. Congrats to Prior Lake for cracking both my hockey and football list.

#4 Football Helmet: Chaska

Tailing off the Oregon trail and on to the Oregon drip. Wings on helmets will always be sick, and birds in sports play. It truly is insane how many bird teams exist in the world despite them just simply being weak government drones. Plus I’d be crazy if I didn’t toss some purple and gold on the list. Also shoutout Jack Boyle, I’ve never met you, but this photo is dope.

#3 Football Helmet: Kasson-Mantorville

There is so many god damn layers to this helmet. Is it letters, a football, or a fish? This team took notes off of any of my Wild Takes suggestions and dropped the red entirely off their color scheme. For a team called the Komets, I have no clue what they were going for, but this is out of this world.

Football Helmet #2: Albert Lea

I couldn’t tell you one thing about Albert Lea to be entirely honest. What I can say is I truly hate the colors they decide to represent but they are entirely saved by this Mr Beast logo helmet. I secretly just want some of that Mr. Beast money and I feel like if I mention Mr. Beast enough, this could get picked up and I will be sent money…Mr. Beast. Venmo: ZacMarlow16. I do like that they had the ability to go full bengals on the bit and took a hard right to their nearest burger restaurant.

Honorable Mention: Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig

This is no lie, my true one of one helmet for all of Minnesota. Now I wish I could find more on this school, but it appears to be a small Cass Lake, MN school for Ojibwe students. They have potentially the smallest program in all of Minnesota, but this is HANDS DOWN the coolest helmet that exists. The only reason it did not crack the top 10 is due to the lack of information I can find anywhere.

#1 Football Helmet: Duluth East

Taking one of the even tempered and affectionate bus logo dogs in the world and make it look this badass. The best part about this is that greyhounds aren’t much barkers and barely have any body odor. Nothing worst then a stinky fucking dog. If you happen to have kids a greyhound is a very family oriented dog due to their ability to cuddle and effectively communicate their wants and needs. So damn smart. Man, football rules.