Girl Power: The 7 Best Ladies (and the worst) In Music

Entertainment Power Rankings

Music means different things to different people. Everyone has their own taste and preferences but EVERYBODY loves these laddies. All these somewhat modern female artists are definitively awesome so let’s Power Rank the top 7 women singers that just makes you happy no matter how your day is going. These women rock and are the epitome of girl power!

Starting in very last place…. Celine Dion! Congrats!

#7 Colbie Caillat

Colbie has a bunch of great songs and is a very accomplished song writer. But for full transparency, Bubbly got her on this list. That song is soooooo good.

#6 Miley Cyrus

Yeah she went off the deep end a little bit and doesn’t have anything recent really but are you going to argue with Party in the U.S.A. ? Plus she absolutely RIPS a cover of one of the all time Girl Power boss ladies; Dolly Parton’s Jolene.

#5 Dua Lipa

Very new but she absolutely jams. Within the next few years, she might climb up this list. You are a LIAR if you say you’ve never danced and or rocked out to Dua Lipa.

#4 Carrie Underwood

I’ve been waitin’ all day for Sundayyy niiiiight!” Besides her being an absolute rocket, she has an incredibly powerful voice. From American Idol to one of the best country singers of all time. Carrie Underwood is universally liked.

#3 Natasha Beddingfield

I am the self proclaimed number one Natasha Beddingfield fan. Unwritten is just a top tier song. ELITE. Pocket Full of Sunshine…Never a bad time to listen to it. Instant mood changer.

#2 Shania Twain

An absolute goddess. Shania dominates. Anytime is a good time to listen to her. She has hits up and down her song list with a lot of ELITE hits. I’ve yet to meet a real human being that dislikes Shania Twain.

#1 Taylor Swift

Now… a lot of people have strong opinions on Taylor Swift right now. People either LOVE her or don’t care for her. But at one point in your life you have been a Taylor Swift fan. It doesn’t matter if it was early on when she was country, when she started going more pop, or her new stuff. At one point you’ve jammed to her. She absolutely wails.

So who did I miss? Who was I too high on, who was too low on? Embrace debate and let’s hear how accurate this ranking is. And if you’re having a rough day, in a bad mood, or need a pick me up. Turn these ladies on your Bluetooth.