Reasons Hermantown Should Move to Class AA

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The Hawks of Hermantown, MN have just won the Class A State Hockey title. This is their fourth title in hockey, and all have come since 2007. The Hawks have been a staple in the state tournament over the last two decades. So much so that it’s surprising when they’re not there. Not only that, but it’s become a rare occurrence to see Hermantown missing from the title game. That includes a surprising loss to Dodge County in last year’s tournament after nearly all of the varsity players had to sit out due to Covid close-contact protocol.

Fifteen years ago, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that a lot of the state (and the majority of Northern MN) was rooting for Hermantown. They were on the cusp of finally winning their first title and were still thought of as the “plucky underdog”. In 2022, however, they have become a powerhouse and recognized on the national level. With a seemingly direct pipeline to UMD and multiple players making it to the NHL it’s easy to see why. This type of sustained success has led to a lot of controversy into the Class that they play in. This article outlines why they should make the leap and start playing in Class AA.

Why Hermantown Should Play in Class AA

They absolutely shouldn’t. Suck it haters! There are so many of you losers out there complaining about a school playing well within the established rules that it’s laughable! They don’t owe anybody any reasoning for where they play. I hope Hermantown wins fifty state titles! That program and that community should be viewed as the gold standard blueprint on how to build a successful program in a small town and not made out to be the villain. See you in St. Paul in 2023!

For the Record: I agree with Marlow’s article landing on Warroad having the best sweaters in the tourney (and state) even if the other rankings in there are questionable.

Cover and Body Photos: Luke Schmidt – Awesome job capturing all of the tournament teams and action!