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Rejoice Minnesotans, Legal Weed Is Here!

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Ladies and Gentleman, we have finally made it out the stone age. On Tuesday, Minnesota joined the elite company of the states that are smokin’ legal pack in this beautiful country. And I gotta say, it’s about damn time! We’ve got legal weed, Minnesota!!!

My mans saw the future. The day of joy is here.

Ever since Colorado and Washington kickstarted the recreational use trend in 2012, states have had an ongoing battle within to figure out if they want to legalize kush. This includes Minnesota, amongst other things that aren’t legal but should be (AHEM: SPORTS GAMBLING). It shouldn’t have to be an either/or thing, guys.

I believe a lot of the 10K members are happy to hear of this news. As one of the resident stoners of 10K, this isn’t our first rodeo blogging about dope. We all knew this day would come, and we were all ready for it. Hell, even the main fellas at It’s A Bit did an episode off the edibles. This will change everything for us!

Here’s the thing…

How you feel about Mary Jane is completely your opinion. I’m not here to change your mind. But looking at the tax benefits for states when it comes to money, you have to agree it’s a smart choice. And well, for the simple fact that “pot” isn’t as bad as a decent amount of people think.

The use of cannabis has completely changed my life, largely for the better. And the same goes for tons and tons more people. And compared to other drugs and alcohol, it’s the least likely to make you a danger to society and yourself. So the fact that it took so long for legal recreational use is baffling to me. But better late than never, honey. We made it.

Some Minnesotans have been buzzing off edibles since the lawmakers made a gaffe last year. And good for them. Me personally, I cannot partake. The edibles experience was ruined for me long ago. Now with everything else being legalized here, this is the best news ever. But no shops will be open for retail sale for quite a while. So what can we do now?

Starting August 1, it will be decriminalized. The fact that is still was criminalized is stupid as hell to me. You can also begin growing plants at your house that day as well. For my real stoner hippies out there, this will be everything for y’all. Growing ganja will be cool to try, and plants produce a TON of bud.

States around us like Illinois and Michigan have had it good for a while. And if you ever been to Vegas or Denver or LA or NYC or yeah you get the picture, you’ve probably seen it around or sought it out. Now, we’ll be able to go out and get some LEGALLY and enjoy ourselves a doobie at the cribo. Life is good. Again, I cannot stress this enough…

We’ve got legal weed, Minnesota! Let’s go!!!!!!!

Now, we just need to add sports gambling to the mix. I mean really.